Tourist company in Cyprus Prezas Tours!

PREZAS TOURS (Cyprus) started its activity in 1996, although our founder has been engaged in tourism business since 1972. We have a family business. The main activity is the organization of holidays in Cyprus “on a turn-key basis”.

We help to enjoy the trip!

The main idea is to make the trip for all its guests comfortable and exciting. And exciting in a good sense of the word. We are proud that all our customers are satisfied with the trip by 100%.


We offer:

 Transfer from the airport (meeting and delivery to the place of residence)

 Providing security (the presence of its own security company);

 Organization of individual and group excursions of different duration;

 Boat  trips (the founder of the company is the captain of the ship);

 Jeep safari;

– Rent a yacht, helicopter and other entertainment.


How much does it cost to go to Cyprus?

The clients of the company are people with different solvency. A wide range of services can choose a holiday with minimal expenses or “turn around in full”. Call us and we will agree on all costs, prepare an optimal program.

In addition, we provide any consulting services (which is better to see what excursion to choose, where to dine, what to try, where and what to buy for memory, etc.). Turning to us, you also will not  feel  the language barrier – we will help to overcome it.

Advantages of cooperation with PREZAS TOURS:

1. The possibility of organizing any tour on any day, according to the wishes of customers.

2. In our park: mini buses, jeeps (including jeep safari), as well as own ship – a guarantee that you  will not have any questions about entertainment and comfortable rest.

3. Conducting excursion  in English .

4. Great experience with tourists.

5. All measures have been taken to organize the safety of tourists. All vehicles are insured and have a license to carry out tourist activities.

6. We are responsible for servicing each client, we strive to fully satisfy his desires.

7. We strive to offer services at the best prices, in addition, we constantly have a system of  discounts, promotions that will reduce the cost of tours.

Ordering a tour with us, you will get everything  you need for a cloudless holiday, including full insurance.

PREZAS TOURS has all necessary permits for activities, which are confirmed by the relevant  state  license.

At the same time, when addressing us, you provide tourist services at a nominal price, as we do not charge extra for our services.

We strive to make your trip comfortable and interesting, so that in your memory there are indelible pleasant  impressions. Recalling that in the future, you again drew the source of restoration of moral strength.

Always yours, PREZAS TOURS

I will say right away that I recommend the company as responsible and reliable! I came to Cyprus before my husband, settling in a hotel for a week. We agreed that in a week I will find a suitable option for renting a villa for our family. I went, searched, asked, until I saw the sign of the tourist office Prezas Tours.

I went into it, wondered if they could help me with finding a place to live. There was a nice girl, Elina. She said she would try to help me! And literally the next day we went to look at her at home. There were different options, but I did not like everything. Then she said that she would ask her dentist, he planned to rent out his villa for the summer.

We arrived, I saw a villa, on the beach! It’s just a fairy tale! They exchanged glances at once, and together they said that it was she, since such a villa could not not like it! Literally the next day my husband flew in, and we rented a villa for 3 months!

It was a dream, to break out onto a sunny island, and even live on it for a long time. Waking up, watching from the window is such an azure, beautiful sea, so even left the house – and immediately dive into it! Beauty! I really look forward to the next trip with impatience!