Among all the Mediterranean resorts, Cyprus takes priority. Lovers of quiet pastime in harmony and solitude with nature, fans of noisy parties and loud parties, families with children and those who prefer to spend time on numerous excursions – everyone can choose the holiday that suits him!

Cyprus is divided into several resorts, and they all differ from each other in the internal atmosphere. Prezas Tours has prepared for you a description of popular resorts in Cyprus – with their advantages for the guests of the island.

Ayia Napa
This town “grew” from the most ancient Byzantine settlements. It is in the east of Cyprus and over the past 30 years has developed actively from a fishing village to a tourist district. Ayia Napa is incredibly popular with young people. Although in the daytime there is a calm and peaceful atmosphere in most of them, with the onset of dusk the town turns into a nightlife center in Cyprus. Clubs, bars, and restaurants with open-air dance halls – there are audible hits of the European charts, cheerful hum and dancing. The most visited institutions are located on Bar Street. In the “high” season in Ayia Napa a huge number of vacationers.

In addition to bright and rich night rest, the youth will appreciate the beaches of Ayia Napa. Soft, golden sand, azure sea and a coast with a gentle slope – everything is clean and well maintained. The most noisy and famous Nissi beach boasts white sand with clear water. In the evenings, “open air” parties “roll up” here.

Active beach holidays in Ayia Napa will not make anyone bored! Here, on the choice of young and daring, a lot of water sports are provided: diving, water skiing, windsurfing, boating and much more.

In the afternoon in Ayia Napa, in addition to relaxing on the beach, you can visit the ancient monastery in the center of the resort and several interesting sights near the city, for example, “The Bridge of Lovers”.

Neighboring with Aya Napa Protaras is strikingly different internal “mood” from his predecessor. This small resort village with stunningly beautiful nature and harmonious atmosphere attracts lovers of romance, quiet and family holidays.

Protaras is far from noisy and loud parties, everything here is very calm and measured. However, in the evenings the resort “comes to life”, and lovers of fun can relax to appreciate the taste of the many bars, restaurants and discos. Also, with the onset of the evening, a colorful singing fountain comes to life in the city.

During the day you can visit the aquarium and the zoo. And next to Protaras there are several popular attractions that romantic couples like, such as Cape Greco and the “Tree of Desires”.

The beaches of Protaras are sandy, famous for their cleanliness, the convenience of the coastal zone and good infrastructure. The most picturesque and comfortable places for a beach holiday are located in the area of ​​the Fig bay. The local beaches are framed by a small ancient grove of fig trees. And just like in Ayia Napa, on the beaches of Protaras you can try several popular water activities.

Paphos is considered the quietest, quietest, and therefore – the elite resort in Cyprus. This town is considered the birthplace of Aphrodite, for which it deserved the love and recognition of tourists. Here it is not cheap, but the level of service of hotels is predominantly “VIP”, individual beaches are mostly wild and stony, and everywhere there is a desire for maximum comfort.

The resort of Paphos includes the towns of Paphos, Aphrodite Hills, Polis, Latchi, as well as the popular and best in Paphos sandy beach of Coral Bay. Many tourists note that, in addition to the exclusivity, Paphos is different from all other resorts sights. In fact, Paphos is a historical monument. There are many ancient buildings preserved to this day, excavations of ancient tombs are underway and the Akamas national park-reserve operates.

The resort in Larnaca is popular mainly with couples with young children and pensioners. For everyone who wants a quiet and relaxing holiday in maximum comfort and away from noisy parties, Larnaca will be an excellent option! Here the hotels are located mainly in the tourist zone on the Gulf Coast, the descent into the sea is shallow and shallow. And the beaches – with grayish-yellow sand and small pebbles with shells. Also, in Larnaca is the famous in Europe palm alley Finikoudes, restaurants and cafes in the open air near the sea. Here you can visit the ancient monastery of Cyprus – Stavrovouni, the church of St. Lazarus and the village of Lefkara nearby. There you can buy famous lace and silver jewelry.

This city boasts wealthy, rich and respectable vacationers. Celebrities, sportsmen and just well-off married couples like to be here. Recently, Limassol is not inferior to the popularity of Ayia Napa in the environment of youth recreation. Limassol has a convenient location – in the heart of Cyprus, and is rich in entertainment: three water parks, an amusement park with a unique zoo and a large number of attractions, including picturesque

Cyprus is one of the most popular resorts for families with children. Clean and well-groomed beaches with a gentle beach, warm sea, mild climate, a lot of interesting and varied excursions, in cafes and restaurants – children’s menu. It provides everything for a comfortable stay with children. Nevertheless, the famous Mediterranean resort can also offer an excellent level of service on vacation for two.

Popular among honeymooners, couples and just lovers, Cyprus owes its rich history. The name of this island is mentioned in many myths about Ancient Greece. It is no accident that Cyprus has a legend that beloved couples who swim in local waters will never part. The famous goddess of love Aphrodite emerged from the foam of the sea on this island. And the legendary Olympus – the abode of the gods, according to the legends, also was in Cyprus, on the Troodos ridge. The romantic atmosphere of the island in addition to the magnificent beaches, warm sea, chic hotels and restaurants – that’s what attracts couples in Cyprus from year to year!
Evening vacations in Ayia Napa

For young people who do not imagine life without loud “parties” and stormy parties, the ideal holiday will be in Ayia Napa. This resort is called the “second Ibiza”. Luxury beaches with golden sand, azure sea and breathtaking scenery – there is much to see! On the beaches you can try all the most popular types of water sports: diving, surfing and windsurfing, boating, water skiing and much more. Popular among visitors is the water park “Water World”, stylized as myths of Ancient Greece and amusement park “Parko Palyato”. Day and night in the dance dance “Ayia Napa” amazes famous European DJs, and local night clubs, bars and discos are never empty. On the square in the center of the city play “live” music in the open air. In restaurants and cafes in the evening, the most exquisite dishes of local cuisine, a wide selection of drinks, including hot drinks, as well as concert shows with music and dancing are offered.
Holiday in Protaras

Those couples who dream to rest in seclusion are far from all important and vital, Protaras will suit perfectly. Many newlyweds come here to hold a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. The bay, near which the resort is located, is considered an ideal place for diving. Here is the cape Greco, which separates Protaras from Ayia Napa. On the cape you can visit the sea caves and snow-white beaches. From the ancient monuments in the city you can see the Church of St. Elijah, located on the mountain. In the evenings, in the rays of illumination you can enjoy a breathtaking view! In a word, the quiet, calm and harmonious nature of Protaras, majestic temples and castles, picturesque bays – all this will not leave anyone indifferent!
Hotels for adults

From the point of view of the choice of accommodation on vacation, among lovers or couples who come on a trip without children, very popular hotels for adults. Let the reader not be embarrassed by that name. We are talking about hotels, where everything is arranged for comfortable and comfortable rest for adults from “16+”. There are no playgrounds, animators and nannies, but there are spacious rooms, swimming pools and fine restaurants. Territorial such hotels, as a rule, are located far from noisy city centers.
Napa Plaza 4+

In Ayia Napa the most attractive is Napa Plaza 4+ – a sample of attractive design, excellent service and rich infrastructure. It offers indoor and outdoor pools, a glass bar overlooking the promenade and Pantahu Beach, a 7-minute walk away. Holidaymakers say that the hotel has excellent food, excellent service and Russian-speaking staff.
«Tasia maris sands 4+»

“Tasia maris sands 4+” is another modern adult hotel in Ayia Napa. Located in the bay “Sandy Bay”, near the beach. Unlike Hotel Napa Plaza 4+, this hotel is 20 minutes walk from the “party” in Ayia Napa. Therefore, “Tasia maris sands 4+” is suitable for guests who are set for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Here is a nice and polite restaurant, great food and an unusual, light atmosphere.
Atlantica Sea Breeze 4+

Atlantica Sea Breeze 4+

In Protaras, the best adult hotel in the opinion of holidaymakers is Atlantica Sea Breeze 4+. The hotel is on the first coastline, away from the center of Protaras (30 minutes walk). There is everything for a comfortable stay: indoor pool, massage, SPA, etc. On the territory there is a restaurant. Near the hotel there are 2 picturesque beaches. The service and the interior are on top!

As for the pastime, Cyprus offers a lot of options for both lovers of outdoor activities and for admirers of harmonious and tranquil seclusion. For example, contemplators of nature will appreciate such an opportunity as a visit to the neighboring countries of Cyprus within the framework of a sea cruise. Greek islands – Santorini, Kos, Rhodes, the shrine of Jerusalem in Israel (there you can also fly by plane) and much more is available for sea tourists. And if you want to plunge into a somewhat different, eastern atmosphere, it’s enough to go on foot or with an excursion to the northern part of Cyprus. This territory is an unrecognized Turkish Republic and attracts tourists with its eccentricity and contrast against the background of the southern part of Cyprus. For those who do not want to go on a long cruise, Prezas Tours can organize individual boat trips. And for fans of outdoor activities we have prepared a party on the ship and a traditional Cypriot night with national songs and dances!
Bridge of Lovers

For newlyweds and young married couples in Cyprus there is a mass of excursions with visits to attractions that symbolize love and strong family relationships. For example, not far from Ayia Napa and Protaras is the “Bridge of Lovers” – a unique natural object, represented in the form of an arch towering over the sea. This is a favorite place for vacationers “couples”. According to the legend, those who kiss on this bridge will never part again! And if at the same time the desire to make a wish is fulfilled, it will come true! “The Bridge of Lovers” is not only a great place to walk, but also a favorite object for photo shoots. Similar photo sessions are organized by the Prezas Tours. You can order this service on our website.

Also, in Ayia Napa, at cape Capo Greco you can find a 600-year-old juniper tree! It is called the “Tree of Lovers”. According to an ancient tradition, newlyweds who kiss under his crown will live happily for many years!

In Protaras, all lovers will be interested in the church of St. Barbara. This is a popular place for a wedding. And in the city of Famagusta there is the famous castle “Castello”, where the events of Shakespeare’s Othello and Desdemona took place.

“Prezas Tours” also offers several interesting and romantic excursions. Visitors to the tour “The Heart of Troodos” will be able to visit the ancient monastery of Kykkos and attach themselves to the miraculous icon. After, the guests of Cyprus will visit the highest waterfall in Cyprus, wine tasting and visit the place of birth of the goddess Aphrodite. The most famous temples of Cyprus and the beach of Aphrodite can also be visited as part of the tour “Kykkos and Aphrodite”.

After visiting the excursion “Paphos and Aphrodite”, the guests of Cyprus will visit the western coast of Cyprus, in Paphos – the city museum. Here you can see the sights of the times of ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Then tourists can get acquainted with the monastery of St. Neophyte, and after a swim and rejuvenate at the birthplace of Aphrodite.

Cyprus is a romantic place to relax.

Cyprus is considered one of the most romantic places to relax! Here everything is imbued with legends and traditions about love and fidelity. This is why thousands of lovers come here every year. Someone wants to rest in peace and quiet, others need a drive and “get-togethers” from night till morning. And still others come here to get married and “play” a wedding. And Prezas Tours will gladly help you organize a wedding ceremony in Cyprus. This island welcomes all guests and gives positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!

Agree that many Russian-speaking tourists do not think about resting on the sea without going shopping. For many of us, shopping is an integral part of traveling abroad. Cyprus offers the most favorable conditions for achieving this goal. There are not only excellent sea, sun and beach, but also a lot of quality grocery stores, kiosks, souvenir shops, shopping centers, mini-clothes shops and boutiques from famous brands. Prezas Tours has prepared for you a guide for the best shopping centers in Protaras, Paralimni and Ayia Napa.

Shopping in Cyprus: what to buy?

For starters, it’s worth mentioning the products that tourists primarily pay attention to. Many guests of Cyprus prefer a clothing shop. Cyprus is part of the European Union, so you can not say that the value of branded goods is more accessible here than in Russia. Prices for the famous “Mango”, “Zara”, “Louis Vuitton”, “Max Mara”, etc. comparable to the Moscow and quite biting. However, in Cyprus there are periods of official, legalized sales: winter and summer. Winter sale starts on the first Monday of February and lasts up to 45 days. In summer, shopping for sale starts from the middle of July and lasts the same way as in winter. Before April Easter, at the end of the summer season and before the December Christmas (including a short period after the New Year) there are no less popular “discount” periods.
Trade Features

Shopping lovers should know the peculiarities of trade in Cyprus. Local shops are open from 8:00 to 19:00, with a lunch break from one hour to four. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, a shorter working day, and shops are open only until 15:00. And on Sunday – the day off. During discounts, on all types of sales you can buy very high-quality items at the lowest prices. Categories are diverse: from clothing and footwear, to household appliances and electronics. And discounts on goods reach 70%! For Russian-speaking tourists, there is a nice bonus: in many shops Russian-speaking sellers work.

In addition to brand purchases, tourists in Cyprus show interest in traditional things that characterize the culture and traditions of this country. Incredibly popular are Cypriot wines, olive oils, leather goods and furs, jewelry, various figurines and other pieces of local architecture that can be purchased at every turn.

Especially worth noting jewelry: they are made by masters of their craft, of gold and silver of the highest quality, and are not taxed. Still in Cyprus, lace Lefkara embroidery and various utensils for the kitchen are very popular: pottery and wickerwork, woodcarving and porcelain dishes. You can buy the best items of folk art in the branches of the Center for Traditional Crafts. They are present in most major resort towns.

Cyprus wines

From Cypriot wines, tourists prefer to buy as a gift copies of local brands: “ETKO”, “KEO”, “LOEL” and “SODAP”, as well as home-made wines. Popular vodka “Zivania”, strong “Commandaria”, as well as various brandies and liqueurs, for example “Five Kings” and “Filfar” are popular.

When buying food, the guests of Cyprus prefer local wines and cheeses, as well as fresh fruits, seafood, fish and meat. Do not remain without attention and local sweets, in particular rahat-lukum. You can buy these products both in supermarkets like Metro, and in various roadside shops and kiosks “Periphero”. Do not forget about shopping as part of the excursions. In small villages you can also buy fresh cheeses and quality home-made wines
Shopping in Paralimni

Paralimni is not the main shopping center in Cyprus, but here you can buy good things: from food, to brand clothes. The most famous shopping centers in Paralimni are Lidl and the three-story Marks & Spencer. In addition, small shops and shops are scattered around the city, where you can also buy clothes, leather goods, jewelry and souvenirs. For example, in “Sirocco” you can find quality clothes at affordable prices, and in “Pablovsky” they sell good and comfortable children’s shoes.
Shopping in Protaras

In Protaras, large stores are located on the streets of Leophoros Kappari and Akefalu Preotara. Souvenir shops side by side with the supermarket network “Lidl”. Also, almost every hotel has tourist shops with souvenirs, beach accessories and cosmetics. In Protaras, you can buy quality clothes, shoes, leather goods, cosmetics in local olive oil and jewelry.
Shopping in Ayia Napa

The main shopping centers in Ayia Napa are a small shopping center “Incredible Universe” and a shop “Planet Store”. In the first there are departments with food, everyday goods and souvenirs. In the second you can buy almost everything: from personal goods, to small household appliances.

Near the Nissi Ave avenue there are separate shops and boutiques where you can buy a basic beach assortment (flip-flops, hats, swimsuits, etc.). The same shops are located along the embankment of the town. Delicious and healthy local products – cheeses, wine, seafood and meat – can be purchased at the stores “BEST BUY” and “PLUS”. Branded items should be looked for in Brandshop, and the best jewelry in Brilliance Jewelery. Items of folk art and handmade souvenirs can be purchased at the Maggie Souvenir Shop. Features of shopping Cyprus shopping is a great activity for shoppers, but there are their own characteristics. Local sellers are very hospitable. Employees of boutiques and mini-shops will happily treat you with a cup of local coffee and will support the conversation. However, be prepared that you will be offered to buy half of the store. In addition, Cyprus does not like to bargain, so it is required to pay the full cost of goods. The only exception can be only folk items that can be purchased in remote villages. With the amount of purchases in shopping centers and boutiques from 50 euros, you can issue a check for tax-free. It allows you to return up to 15% of the money spent. It is necessary to put a stamp on the check when crossing the border, as well as fill out a questionnaire at the airport. Tour “Nicosia Shopping” Protaras, Paralimni and Ayia Napa are good both for recreation and for shopping. But the largest and favorite shopping centers are in Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia. These towns are the main for fans of shopping in Cyprus. For those who want to arrange grandiose shopping trips, Prezas Tours organizes an excursion “Nicosia shopping”.

Cyprus is the largest Mediterranean island, where everyone can find rest to taste and in any season. Despite the fact that the sun shines here almost all year round, Cyprus has its own seasonality, like in any other world resort.
Climate of Cyprus as a whole

In the beginning, it is worth mentioning the climate of Cyprus as a whole. Mediterranean subtropical climate – a paradise for fans of year-round heat! In Cyprus, more than 300 days of sunshine a year! Summer is hot, with an average air temperature of 25-30 degrees, sometimes up to 37+, and a water temperature of 24 degrees. However, due to the special location of Cyprus, the presence of low humidity and fresh sea breezes, the weather on the island can not be called very hot. Enjoying the summer in Cyprus can be from May to October. The warmest sea here is estimated by tourists in the periods from May – early June and from September – early October.
Autumn in Cyprus

The Cyprian calendar autumn is characterized by a slight drop in air temperature in the evenings, especially in October – within 24 degrees. Nature at this time of year plays with colors! Purple-golden leaves on bushes, brightness in the foliage of trees. The island appears before the guests in a different light! Until November, warm weather is in full swing and is ideal for visiting sights and tasting home-made wine, which is cooked just in this period.

Autumn in Cyprus is inextricably transformed into winter – light and soft. The air temperature does not drop below 15 degrees, and night frosts are a big rarity. In the main, seaside part of Cyprus there is no snow, but there are rains, from October to April. This is not European long and cloudy days, but sometimes the weather “frowns.” And in the mountains of Troodos snow falls, and from December to May, resting lovers of skiing.
Cyprus Spring

Spring in Cyprus on the fact begins in January, when the orchids blossom. At the end of February, almond blooms and the fields are green. However, until the end of March the weather is cool, sometimes rainy. The air temperature at this time of year rarely rises above 20 degrees. For a beach holiday is still early, however, this is a great time to visit Cyprus attractions. And also it is ideal for those who do not tolerate a strong heat. In April, the weather is getting closer to the summer version. The air temperature is at the level of 25+, however the sea is still cool.

Like many other resorts, Cyprus has traditional high and low seasons. The high season starts from the end of May, when the sea is sufficiently heated, and the air temperature is approaching the summer level. The high season ends in September. The air temperature drops and the number of guests of the resort is noticeably reduced.

A low season for Cyprus is characterized by a smaller number of vacationers and a cool sea. In the first half of the year this is March, April and May, in the second half – September and the end of October. Low season is the ideal time for those who want to visit all sorts of excursions, as well as to bask in the sun and breathe the sea air.
When the beach season begins in Cyprus

The beach season in Cyprus begins in April. This is the time when you can already sunbathe, but only the hardened can afford to bathe. Near the end of May, the air temperature rises to 30+, and the sea is fully warmed. The height of the season falls on three summer months: June, July and August. The air warms up to 33+ degrees, and the water at 30 degrees!

The beach season ends with a velvet season. From September to October, the heat is not so exhausting as in the summer months, but it will be possible to bask under the sun. As well as swim in the sea – it is still warm and refreshing. However, it must be remembered that in October Cyprus begins to prepare for the fall, and the weather can be capricious: temperature jumps and short rains are not uncommon.
A place of rest 300 days a year!

Cyprus is a beautiful, warm and bright place to relax for 300 days a year. Any tourist can choose the right time for the visit. Fans of the heat will fit a high season. Those who prefer easy rest without exhausting heat, as well as lovers of comfortable excursions like the low season in early spring. Well, tourists who are accustomed to taking the rest to the maximum, will appreciate the velvet season! Choose a convenient and comfortable season for you. Cyprus is open to guests at any time of the year!

Every year thousands of tourists visit Cyprus in order to warm themselves under the gentle sun, plenty to swim in the sea and get a maximum of pleasant impressions for the year ahead! However, there is another reason why tourists choose Cyprus among other options – it’s gastronomy. Prezas Tours has prepared for you a selection of the most popular, cozy and well-located places – restaurants and taverns in Protaras and Ayia Napa, where you can tasty and satisfying meal!

Kalamies Restaurant

Kalamies Restaurant is one of the most respectable institutions in Protaras. Here, in the fresh air and at the very shore of the sea, you can try a huge number of dishes of the national Cypriot cuisine. The restaurant serves fish and seafood dishes, as well as various “cheese plates”, grilled dishes and meat snacks. Especially popular are fish meze, moussaka, chicken with lemon and fried potatoes, as well as fried zucchini and homemade wine. Tourists positively celebrate not only a tasty, intricate menu, but also a romantic atmosphere with a beautiful view of the coast.

Knights Pub Restaurant

Knights Pub Restaurant – restaurant and pub, “two in one”.

Vacationers appreciate this place for combining business menus and dishes specific to bars. Here you can order a large and hearty business lunch at an affordable price – various soups, mashed potatoes, huge second courses and inexpensive desserts. On the other hand, guests have a wide selection of different beers and burgers, along with juicy steaks from the Angus, snacks from foie gras, mussels, snails and other seafood.

Also, visitors respond positively about the service: the availability of wi-fi, entertainment for children (color pencils are issued with coloring) and quick service even in the evening “sold-out”.

Vassos (Psarolimano) Fish Tavern

Vassos (Psarolimano) Fish Tavern – this tavern is rightfully considered the best fish tavern in Cyprus! The guests of the establishment are waiting for huge portions of fresh seafood, fish meze, delicious sandwiches with beef, and an incredible dessert “Chocolate lava”. All of the above will be filed “in the company” with a beautiful view of the sea and helpful staff, including Russian speakers. And “on the stick” guests are invited to treat the famous local vodka “Zivaniae”.
Ifalos Restaurant

Ifalos Restaurant is a family tavern in the bay of Pernera, decorated in a traditional Cypriot style. Free terrace, tables with a tablecloth “in a cage”, vines under the ceiling and personal attention of the owner of the institution, which is very kind to every guest. In the tavern you can taste popular dishes of Pan-Asian cuisine – fish meze and moussaka, a plate of “seafood”, as well as try home-made wine. Every Saturday night here they play “live” Greek music.

The institution has gained popularity for a modest and cozy environment, democratic prices compared to other taverns of Protaras, as well as for the unusual “compliment” to guests in the form of watermelon slices.

Karas Village Tavern

Karas Village Tavern is a popular tavern with a cozy atmosphere at the Aparthotel Captain Karas Holiday Apartments in Kapparis (Paralimni). Everything is decorated with restraint and “home-like” – from the interior, to the menu. National cuisine – especially fish dishes and lamb, huge portions and house wine are famous. Guests are offered an aperitif and a “compliment”: toasted bread with dried tomatoes and a plate with cold slices of watermelon.

Not only the delicious food, but the intricate interior of the tavern does not leave anyone indifferent! An open terrace, drowning in the green of trees, and the stern of a fishing boat “floating out” just above the entrance to the institution. And for visitors with children a comfortable playground is provided.

Tony’s Taverna

Tony’s Taverna is one of the most visited “traditional” taverns in Kapparis (Paralimni). The establishment is located next to the Italian and Chinese restaurants, next to the motorway. The large territory is fenced with a cozy garden with a lemon tree. There is a small children’s amusement park with trampolines and simple attractions, as well as a bar with hookah and billiards.

In addition to the rich infrastructure, vacationers are offered an excellent service. Own owner Tony meets and escorts guests, often he also gives the order. Prices for dishes are fairly democratic, and in the evenings little tables are rarely free. The menu here is in Russian, the waiters are also Russian-speaking. Of the dishes of the national cuisine are famous fish meze, which is served with a huge loaf of freshly baked bread, meat meze and dishes from vegetables. And local home wine to any gourmet will have to taste!

Eat in Protaras!

Mediterranean cuisine is popular all over the world! Protaras and Ayia Napa offer a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs and taverns, where everyone can get acquainted with the best options for Cypriot snacks. Delicious dishes of national cuisine, the average bill for dinner within 20-25 euros, fresh seafood and fine home-made wine – local institutions are able to please the most demanding deli!

Wine is the most revered and recognized drink in the whole world! His legends are made up of legends, verses are written about “truth in wine”, it is one of the components of the Christian religion (“The Blood of the Lord”). For many millennia, mankind in the majority gives preference to this drink. A good wine is a subject of admiration for gourmets and a pleasant addition to rest for any esthete. Cyprus has a favorable climate and is the “pioneer” of winemaking in the Mediterranean. For over 6,000 years in Cyprus, the traditions of wine making are honored. Guests of the island are available a large selection of this divine drink both among private winemakers and among brand manufacturers.

In Cyprus, grows more than 150 varieties of grapes. This opens up broad prospects for production. Traditional for Cyprus is a wine fortress over 12 degrees from local varieties of grapes. And by types of wine – white, red, dry, semi-dry, etc. – Local wineries are able to satisfy any, most refined taste.

All wines in Cyprus can be conditionally divided into “mass-market” wines and private ones. The first include such giants of winemaking, as KEO, ETKO, SODAP, LOEL. Their products are standard wines that do not pretend to be exclusive, but are a product of high quality and winners of winemaking awards.

The production of these wineries can be purchased at local supermarkets and Periptero kiosks. The most inexpensive specimens, valued at around 10 euros, are Ayios Onoufrios, Ayios Fotios, Eleonoras Mattaro / Cabernet. Among the white semi-dry, this fragrant Thisbe, Vasilikon and Aphrodite KEO from the Xynisteri grapes are popular.

Wines of higher value are also popular – 12-15 euros: Kyperounda, Vasilikon Methi, Zambartas Rose, Tsiakkas Chardonnay.

Well, champions among the mass-market wines (winners and prizewinners of the competitions) are representatives of the Kyperounda wineries (Petritis Xynisteri, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.) and Ayia Mavri (Muscat Moscatos 2010).

For gourmets and lovers of exquisite, original and refined will be interested in the wines of small, private wineries. For example, one of the best among the white dry wines is the production of the Petritis winery. Manufacturers from a small village of Cyperunda are laureates and prizewinners of local winemaking competitions. The white wine of Petritis Xynisteri, a sunny shade with a bright pineapple flavor, and obtained from Xynisteri grapes (Xinisteri), is considered an ideal complement to seafood, as well as a wonderful aperitif.

Dry red wine

Recognized masters for the production of red dry wines in Cyprus are in the monastery Chrysoroyatissa. Local wine Agios Ilias from three varieties of grapes is famous for the perfect addition to meat dishes, and white wine Ayios Andronikos also will not leave anyone indifferent!

Popular wineries are Ficardo, K & K Vasilikon (in the village of Katikas) and the incredible Lambouri, which, like Petritis, is the winner of many contests.

Separately it is necessary to say about the main “stars” among Cypriot drinks: “Zivaniya” and “Commandaria”. “Ziyvania” is a strong (more than 50 degrees) drink that will appeal to connoisseurs of a strong Georgian Chacha. But “Commandaria” is considered the oldest wine in the world! Saturated, deep brown color, with the aroma of jerky grapes, caramel and cinnamon. By taste, it is similar to port wine, although it is considered a dessert wine. This is the most “festive” wine in Cyprus! An analogue of the church Cahors and the first drink at weddings. Here you need to remember a beautiful local legend. If a girl is born in the family, her father digs into the ground a keg with this wine. And they get it only on the eve of the wedding of the birthday girl! Variety of grapes “Commandaria” is specific, and this wine does not quite fit the description of “standard” because of its high strength. However, it deserves attention!

Restrictions on the export of wine

For those who want not only to join the Cypriot wines, but also to treat their “domestic” ones, one should remember that Cyprus is part of the EU. This circumstance imposes a restriction on the export of alcoholic beverages. From Cyprus, duty-free export of up to 2 liters of fortified wines (up to 2 bottles), sparkling or table wine, as well as up to 1 liter of drinks (1 bottle) of strong fortified ones (Ziwvania) is allowed from Cyprus.

At the end of this modest review, I want to say that each person has his own tastes and preferences in life. And this has a direct relation to the choice of wine. In Cyprus there are a huge number of wineries – from large demanded giants, to little-known tiny private estates. And everyone deserves attention.

In this situation, it is difficult to be guided by the generally accepted standard: there is a risk of missing something that is truly worthwhile. So do not be afraid to try new varieties! Visit different wineries, be interested in their success story, taste and enjoy the process – try the wine in Cyprus for free! These pleasant gastronomic researches will surprise you and you find your “own” drink!

Cyprus is one of the most famous island states. It is not only a beautiful, popular resort of Europe, the “cradle” of ancient and original culture, but also the center of Orthodox Christianity. The Cyprus Orthodox Church is revered by the state and takes an active part in the socio-political life of the country. On the island there are more than 500 Orthodox churches and 9 large monasteries with extensive landed estates and other property.

In Cyprus, no excursion can do without visiting a monastery, a temple or a small church! Prezas Tours offers you a quick overview of the popular shrines of the island.

Monastery of St. Neophyte the Recluse.

Located near Paphos, at a height of just under 500 m above sea level. The history of the appearance of the monastery goes back to the life of St. Neophyte, who at the age of 18 refused to marry and became a hermit.

The monastery is interesting not only for pilgrims, but also for lovers of ancient architecture and cave landscapes. The shrine is located next to the rock, in which the monk settled his shelter and lived for more than 50 years! By the way, the relics of St. Neophyte are in the main temple of the monastery, and those who wish can touch them. Also, in one of the buildings of the church there is a museum where manuscripts of the saint, antique ceramics and an interesting exhibit from Russia presented to the monastery in the 19th century are displayed.

Visit the monastery of St. Neophyte by yourself if you are staying in Paphos or nearby. Or take advantage of the help of Prezas Tours and visit one of the most picturesque temples in the tour “Paphos and Aphrodite”.

Monastery Chrysoroyatissa.

The most famous name of the shrine is the monastery of the Virgin Chrysoroyatis. The intricate name “Chrysoroyatis” is translated from Greek as “the golden queen” and speaks for itself. According to legend, the monastery was founded in honor of finding the icon with the face of the Virgin – a local fisherman found it thrown out near the shore of the sea, near Paphos.

The monastery Chrysoroyatissa is not operational, but after a severe fire in 1967 it is under the care of the abbot of Dionysius. In the monastery vestry there is a museum where you can look at the relics of the 12th century, as well as the ancient operating winery Chrysorrogiatissa Wines and an observation deck with an incredible view of the plateau!

There is a shrine near Paphos, at the congress “Axylou, Amargeti, Pentalia” of the Limassol-Paphos highway. You can get there both on your own transport and by booking the tour “Unknown and beautiful Cyprus” from Prezas Tours.

Monastery of Trooditissa.

The most ancient, the most famous and highest mountain monument in Cyprus! Another name is the Trooditissa Monastery. It was founded in the beginning of the 13th century and is on a mountain in the town of Troodos and Prodromos, at an altitude of more than 1000 m above sea level! The name of the monastery in translation means “living in the mountains of Trooditissa”, and because of the high location of the complex, it is also called “The Queen of Monasteries” or “the first step to Heaven”.

The history of the formation of the monastery is similar to the history of Chrysoroyatissa. On the territory of this complex are also revered sacred objects: a miraculous silver icon with the face of the Virgin Mary of the work of St. Luke, as well as a silver belt that heals from infertility.

The monastery of Trooditissa is truly original and “not secular”! Time here, if not stopped, then follows a slow, measured turn. However, this did not affect the technical equipment: here and there you can see modern aggregates. And for tourists on the territory is a museum where you can buy souvenirs, as well as liqueurs made by local monks.

Visit the monastery yourself: by going to the place Troodos – at the final point of the route Limassol-Troodos, or by booking a tour of “Orthodox Cyprus” from our company.

Monastery of the Holy Cross in the village of Omodos.

For pilgrims, the main attraction of the village of Omodos is the monastery of the Holy Cross. The title is once again explained by legends and beliefs. According to one of them, the founder of the monastery was St. Elena. The Empress transported Christian shrines – “The Life-Giving Cross” and “Christ’s Ties” on the way from Palestine to Constantinople. In one of the storms Saint Elena had to interrupt her journey off the coast of Cyprus. Here she appeared to the Angel, who brought a decree on the construction of temples in Cyprus and the sacrifice of the mentioned shrines.

Particles of the “Life-Giving Cross” are here to this day, along with a fragment of the “Uz of Christ”, which he associated with scourging. In addition to Cypriot shrines, here you can also find icons made in the Old Russian style.

Today the complex has changed the status of the monastery to the parish temple of the village of Omodos. High-altitude settlement is extremely popular among tourists. In addition to the monastery, here is one of the most visited wineries, as well as small museums – political, applied and historical content.

The village of Omodos and its surroundings can be visited within the framework of tours “Unknown and beautiful Cyprus” and “Kykos and Aphrodite” from Prezas Tours.

Monastery of St. Heraklid.

The biggest convent of Cyprus. It is located “on the ruins” of the ancient state of Tamassos, and now in the village of Politiko. Named after one of the disciples of the apostles Barnabas and Paul, who brought Orthodox Christianity to the land of Cyprus.

Originally the complex was a man’s monastery and a repository of the relics of a saint. It was founded after the death of Iraklidia in the 5th century – actually at the burial place of the Apostle’s disciple. Here, the cave-monastery of Iraklidia is preserved, where pilgrims can not only pray at the sacred bed, but also receive healing. Saint Irakleidy helps those suffering from the diseases of the back. Everyone can get a miracle of recovery: pilgrims lay down on a rug, laid on the bed of a saint, and spend a few minutes there.

After one of the Turkish raids at the end of the 1st century, the monastery was rebuilt and replaced by a female monastery. However, his status was changed more than once, until in 1962 the monastery again and finally became a woman.

The territory of the monastery is beautiful, clean and tidy. And in the garden grows a very ancient, but bright olive tree. In all the women’s hand is felt.

The route to the monastery is intricate, and without the help of local residents it is easy to get lost. However, with a tourist excursion, such problems will not arise. The monastery of St. Iraklidia can be visited within the framework of our excursion “Discover Cyprus”.

Monastery of the Apostle Andrew.

This monastery on Karpaz is one of the most visited shrines of Northern Cyprus. According to legend, the Apostle Andrew visited these lands in the 1st century. His ship was in a calm near Cyprus. And when the water and provisions were running out, the travelers landed on a stone beach. The apostle raised his hands in prayer, and among the bare rocks appeared a miraculous source. According to one version of the legend, the son of the captain gained sight through the holy water. And after he built the first temple at the source.

The monastery of the Apostle Andrew is mentioned in many historical chronicles: from the writings of the pilgrim Sivulf, to the English monarch Richard the Lionheart.

For its millennial history, the architecture of the temple has often changed. In the 15th century, local settlers erected one of the old parts of the temple. The new building was released in the middle of the 19th century and is the main one to this day.

The monastery is famous not only as a healing source, but also as a miraculous icon of the Apostle Andrew. It helps to cope with many diseases. Also, on the territory of the monastery you can observe the wild donkeys. Animals are “lured” by holidaymakers and easily go to contact. And a few kilometers from the temple is “the edge of the earth” – the easternmost point of the island. Here you can see almost sunken ridge, leading to the continent.

The monastery of Apostle Andrew is a popular point in the tourist routes in North Cyprus. Prezas Tours company offers comfortable individual tours to Karpaz for all comers.

Mediterranean Cyprus is the European abode of Orthodox culture. The abundance of churches, chapels and monasteries attracts pilgrims from all over the world. But “ordinary” tourists will not remain indifferent to local beauties! Come to Cyprus and look at this magnificence with your own eyes!

Prezas Tours offers you an article-review about the rest in Cyprus in the area of ​​Protaras. Inside you will find a description of the most visited tourist places in all areas of recreation – from cafes and hotels, to life insurance and medicine.

Hotels in Cyprus

When it comes to organizing holidays abroad, the first thing you need is to issue the necessary documents (visa, insurance, etc.) and buy or reserve tickets. Next comes the question of choosing a hotel. We have selected for you reviews of the most popular hotels in Protaras – for each type of service provided (number of stars).
We recommend you the top three for organizing first-class accommodation and leisure in Cyprus.

Sunrise Pearl Hotel & Spa 5 *.

A fairly new and “young” hotel (built in 2012), located on one of the best beaches in Cyprus, in the center of Protaras. The entire infrastructure and main attractions of Cyprus are within walking distance.
Vacationers appreciate the Sunrise Pearl Hotel & Spa for its beautiful and stylish design, quality of food, its own beach and an incredible level of service.

Sunrise Beach Hotel 4 *

Another “pearl” of Protaras, located in the south-eastern part of Cyprus, next to the sandy white-golden beach and picturesque gardens. The hotel has a lot of entertainment, including sports focus: gym, aerobics, diving spa and wellness center and much more. There is even a snow room and squash. Tourists noted not only the quality of service and entertainment, but also the focus on relaxation and relaxation next to the sea, in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Smartline Protaras 3 *

According to reviews from the site TripAdvisor, this hotel in Protaras is the first place in the opinion of holidaymakers. Five-star competitors, mentioned above, he left behind! Smartline Protaras is located in the most prestigious area of ​​Protaras, close to incredibly clean waters and magnificent beaches! In the reviews of the hotel noted convenience of accommodation – the beach is very close (7 minutes walk), bus stop – for travel to neighboring Larnaca and Ayia Napu. Quality food and quality service, corresponding to 3 stars.

Food. Restaurants and cafes

It’s no secret that tourists go on a trip not only for the sun, sea and beach, but also for satisfying gastronomic preferences! Cyprus is a country with an original culture and no less original cuisine, so restaurants and cafes are always full of tourists. A good and tasty national food in Protaras is famous for its many establishments. We present to your attention the “most-most” gastronomic points of Protaras.

Yia-Mas George’s Bar

Has a frenzied popularity among travelers coming to Cyprus! It’s understandable, the pub is simple and “without the bells and whistles”: tasty and inexpensive food, homemade wine and the opportunity to play a good game of billiards!

Is “Yia-Mas George’s” on the main street of Protaras, it is impossible to miss, especially in the evenings. Closer to the night, the life of the pub is colorful and attractive: cocktails, karaoke and live music, as well as sports broadcasts for a football fan. In a word, simply, cute and with taste!

Restaurant “Anatolia”

It is in demand among connoisseurs of dishes of national Cypriot cuisine. The selection of the menu will satisfy the request of the most experienced deli, and democratic prices and a cozy atmosphere with free Wi-Fi will be a pleasant bonus!

Seafood restaurant «Kalamies»

Visitors are invited to Mediterranean, Greek and European cuisine, and most importantly – seafood. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back: open-air tables, an ideal price-quality ratio – the institution beats all records of attendance among restaurants in Protaras.

Beaches in Cyprus

Cyprus is primarily a resort, which means: the most beautiful beaches, warm sea and gentle sun! The beaches of Protaras also have a rating. Introducing the TOP-3 candidate for the best place for taking “sunbathing”.

Fig Tree Bay (Fig tree bay)

The name, as is not difficult to guess, is associated with the vegetation of Cyprus – on the beach of the bay grows figs. On the territory are all kinds of water activities, as well as massage couches, cafes and a footpath.

Green bay

A small beach with clean sea water and a pier for pleasure boats. In addition to ordinary tourists, on Green Bay happy to visit divers – next to the beach are flooded sculptures.

Kapparis beach

“Little Paradise” – this is how vacationers talk about this place in Protaras. Cozy, clean and peaceful – an ideal place to relax in a close family circle.

Excursions and entertainment in Cyprus

Any holiday abroad and by the sea can not be full without a sightseeing program. We present to you the leaders in the tourist attendance among the attractions of Protaras.

Ocean Aquarium

The oceanic aquarium is the star of Protaras. More than 1,000 representatives of marine fauna, as well as penguins and crocodiles. The complex is accessible to visitors all year round and is very popular with young holidaymakers.

The Dancing Fountains Show

The next most popular attraction is Protaras. The local Fountain Show is a magnificent and spectacular sight! Every year, from May to November, it attracts tourists from all over Cyprus!

St. Elias Church (Church of the Prophet Elijah)

The sanctuary is built apart from the rest of Protaras, on a high cliff, from where you can admire the stunning views of the resort town and beyond! Many tourists come here to make a wish at the tree of Wishes!

Health Care System in Cyprus

Separately it is necessary to talk about one of the most important components of any rest: safety for health.
In Cyprus, there is both a public and private health system. International tourists in emergency situations receive medical care for free, in any treatment department. Further treatment requires cash. Here it is not only about serious interference with hospitalization, but also about the banal purchase of medicines. Without an insurance policy it will not be cheap. Therefore, it is not necessary to neglect the registration of insurance, even if it is not mandatory for entry and stay in Cyprus.
In addition to insurance, no additional procedures, such as vaccinations, are not required.

Pharmacies in Cyprus at every step (marked with a green cross), and pharmacists show themselves very high-quality and competent professionals. However, be prepared for the fact that medicines in Cyprus can only be bought on prescription.

And the most important thing. To get help in any emergency, call 112 or 199. Emergency services in Cyprus work around the clock.

Cyprus is a Mediterranean resort, which annually attracts more than 3 million tourists from all over the world! And his popularity is justified in full. There is everything for active recreation: comfortable hotels, delicious, useful food available on any wallet, picturesque beaches with clear water and a “sea” of entertainment that will taste even the most sophisticated holiday-makers!

In 2020, plans to visit Cyprus by Russian citizens beat all records! Visiting Turkey was problematic, and enterprising vacationers drew attention to the neighboring Mediterranean island.

Similarly to EU countries, entry to Cyprus for Russian citizens requires a visa. It should be clarified that it is possible to get to the island state without problems in the southern part of the island. Through Northern Cyprus, controlled by the Turkish Republic, this is more difficult to do.

Types of visas to Cyprus.

Entry into the country is possible according to the national Cypriot visa and Schengen visa. When choosing the second option, it is necessary to remember that a visit to Cyprus on a Schengen visa is possible within the framework of a valid visa category C (multivisa) or D, and at least one entry to any other country where the Schengen operates.

To apply for a visa to Cyprus, you need to apply to the Consulate General of Cyprus in St. Petersburg, or to the Embassy of Cyprus in the capital.

For citizens of Russia, the following options for issuing visas are available:

  • Tourist visa.
  • Work Visa.
  • Guest visa.
  • Transit visa.

Visa registration at the Embassy or Consulate General.

Holidaymakers are interested in the option of a tourist visa. The process of completing the package of documents is as transparent and simple as possible.

List of required documents:

  • International passport.

The requirements are standard: a) validity of the passport from 3 months; b) the presence of one (or more) clean page for the visa stamp.

  • A copy of the passport (pages with a photo).
  • Photo format 3×4 cm (or 3.5×4.5 cm), color. Photo is pasted into the questionnaire.
  • Application or questionnaire, filled in English or transliteration.
  • Confirmation from the host: fax with availability of reservation at the hotel, an invitation from relatives or a copy of the tourist voucher.
  • It is not superfluous to confirm financial solvency: a certificate of income, an extract from a bank account or a letter from the sponsor.
  • Insurance. This is an optional item, but do not neglect it.


Subtleties when preparing documents:

1. Zero visa fee for citizens of Russia.
2. Deadline for documents: 1-2 days. But in the high season – from May to November – there may be delays of up to several days.
3. For children under 18 years, a copy of the birth certificate and a power of attorney from the parents are required, notarized. When crossing the border with an escort, it is required to provide copies of the consent to enter from the parents.

On the receiving side, tourists should be prepared for checking the availability of a passport, an invitation (for example, a hotel reservation), checking airline tickets (return flight) and cash (more than 50 USD per person per day).

Visa Online Center

You can apply for a visa to Cyprus without leaving your home! Use the Visa Online Center.

To create a standard package, you will need:

Visit the resource.
Fill in the form.
Send to the site a completed questionnaire, an electronic photo of the standard format (3×4 cm), a scan page with a photo from the passport, a certificate confirming the amount of salary 15 000 or more. A child’s visa requires a scan of a copy of the birth certificate.
Pay for the visa service: cash / bank transfer or transfer.

After 1-3 working days after payment, you can receive an electronic visa and print it.
Registration of the provision.

There is an alternative option for issuing a visa to Cyprus. Russians who cross the border by air (not from the EU, but from Russia) can receive an electronic permit for a one-time entry and stay in Cyprus for up to 90 days in the next 6 months.

This electronic voucher is also called a provision. The registration of the provision significantly saves time and speed of the documents, as well as the money required for traveling to the Embassy or the services of travel agencies.

To get the provision, visit the official website of the Embassy of Cyprus in Russia.

It is necessary:

  • Download the electronic template of the questionnaire.
  • Fill in the form. For each member of the family, the questionnaire is required to be issued separately. Use transliteration or English. In the application the name and surname must coincide with the variant in the foreign passport. When registering documents for a child, check the “CHILD” item. In case of re-registration of the provision, mark the item “Repeatedly”.
  • Save the document, indicating in the title your name and surname. The required file format is: .doc (Microsoft Word).
  • Send the completed questionnaire to the email indicated on the site or in the downloaded template.

If the questionnaire is correctly filled in and there are no problems, the Embassy will respond within two days. A letter with a proviso (or several – one for each holiday-maker) will come to the applicant’s e-mail address. To complete the visa, present this voucher at the airport of Cyprus, at a special passport control desk. The visa will be stamped with a visa, after which you will become the holder of a valid visa.

Making a visa to Cyprus is a comfortable and fast process.

With the accession of Cyprus to the European Union, tourists have the opportunity to cross the island’s border not only on the national, but also on the Schengen visa. And the general availability of the Internet allows you to execute a visa or a visa for Cyprus online. If you approach the process competently and responsibly, then you will not have any problems with rest on the Mediterranean island!

All members of the European Union use the euro as their official currency. Cyprus is no exception. Since the beginning of 2008, the island state has become part of the Eurozone and has replaced the national Cypriot pound for the euro. It is worth noting that it is about the southern part of the island. Northern Cyprus is a separate unrecognized territory, called the Republic of Turkey and uses not only euro, but also Turkish lira for monetary transactions.

So, the official currency in Cyprus in the southern part of the island is the euro. Cash can be paid in restaurants, shops, hotels and other tourist destinations. Since Cyprus belongs to European countries, bank cards are actively accepted on the island. The most convenient way is to issue a payment card for an international system, for example MasterCard. When used, unlike Visa cards, there is no need to convert between currencies.

Bank cards in Cyprus

Bank cards in Cyprus are accepted in almost all establishments: in hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment and shopping centers, and even in some souvenir shops and small shops. However, cash must also be prepared. They will be needed for small purchases, like cigarettes, as well as for sightseeing trips (in the province, cashless payments are rarely taken).

Currency exchange

Currency exchange is best done at home, before departure. As a rule, the exchange rate in Cyprus is more expensive, especially with respect to the domestic ruble: from 10 to 20%! Exchange currency in Cyprus is the most profitable in the bank. But be prepared to stand in line: banks work exclusively on weekdays and until the middle of the day (8:00 – 14:00). Also, currency exchange in Cyprus is available in special “periptero” kiosks – official points, or in transport agencies and hotels. The latter do not offer the most favorable conditions.

There are other alternatives. First, the currency exchange can be made at ATMs (24/7 work). However, the commission for withdrawal reaches 5%, and basically ATMs are located on the territory of banks. Secondly, you can find a “change” and buy the currency from hand, but the cost of conversion will be sky-high. Therefore, if possible, buy the euro or dollars before the start of the trip. The current currency exchange rate in Cyprus you will find on any bank Internet resource. And you can calculate the amount necessary for the exchange using online currency calculators.

In the Northern part of Cyprus, the official currency is the Turkish lira, but payment in euros is also available. The situation with the use of funds is not much different from the neighboring one. Currency exchange is carried out as in the south of the island: in official points.

How much money to take to Cyprus?

With cashless settlement everything is clear, but how much cash should I bring with me? “Cash” can be counted, given the prices of food products. Vegetables, fruits and dairy products are inexpensive. The cost of a two-liter bottle of water: from 0.7 to 1.7 euros. A kilogram of meat from the supermarket will require 6-8 euros, fish – 8-9. If you take into account alcohol, then the amount of the check is doubled.

When staying at an all-inclusive hotel, taking into account lunch in a restaurant for two for an average of 30-40 euros, 50-100 euros per day per person will be enough. However, for excursion trips it is better to take additional funds.

In addition, in Cyprus, as in many other European countries, there is a tax refund (tax-free). The buyer can return up to 19% of the value of any product, except for some food and tobacco products. Conditions for obtaining a tax-free voucher: an island guest is not a citizen of a country belonging to the European Union, is in Cyprus as a tourist and will stay here for up to 90 days.

Instant money transfers

Well, if you got into a freelance situation – your card was blocked and the cash is over, then you can use an instant money transfer. You can always ask for help from friends and relatives from Russia. In Cyprus, there are branches of the most popular companies for money transfers, such as Western Union and Money Gram. Cash can be collected after less than half an hour after sending.

Cyprus is well adapted for foreign tourism. Holidaymakers in Cyprus have access to services for currency exchange, as well as cash and virtually universal non-cash payment. The latter is most often used and is the most convenient. However, in order to exclude any “force majeure”, we recommend not to give up cash. For a safe and adequate rest, prepare 2-3 bank cards (to be ready in case of blockage) and a few cash. In this case, there will not be any financial inconvenience!