Holiday for two in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most popular resorts for families with children. Clean and well-groomed beaches with a gentle beach, warm sea, mild climate, a lot of interesting and varied excursions, in cafes and restaurants – children’s menu. It provides everything for a comfortable stay with children. Nevertheless, the famous Mediterranean resort can also offer an excellent level of service on vacation for two.

Popular among honeymooners, couples and just lovers, Cyprus owes its rich history. The name of this island is mentioned in many myths about Ancient Greece. It is no accident that Cyprus has a legend that beloved couples who swim in local waters will never part. The famous goddess of love Aphrodite emerged from the foam of the sea on this island. And the legendary Olympus – the abode of the gods, according to the legends, also was in Cyprus, on the Troodos ridge. The romantic atmosphere of the island in addition to the magnificent beaches, warm sea, chic hotels and restaurants – that’s what attracts couples in Cyprus from year to year!
Evening vacations in Ayia Napa

For young people who do not imagine life without loud “parties” and stormy parties, the ideal holiday will be in Ayia Napa. This resort is called the “second Ibiza”. Luxury beaches with golden sand, azure sea and breathtaking scenery – there is much to see! On the beaches you can try all the most popular types of water sports: diving, surfing and windsurfing, boating, water skiing and much more. Popular among visitors is the water park “Water World”, stylized as myths of Ancient Greece and amusement park “Parko Palyato”. Day and night in the dance dance “Ayia Napa” amazes famous European DJs, and local night clubs, bars and discos are never empty. On the square in the center of the city play “live” music in the open air. In restaurants and cafes in the evening, the most exquisite dishes of local cuisine, a wide selection of drinks, including hot drinks, as well as concert shows with music and dancing are offered.
Holiday in Protaras

Those couples who dream to rest in seclusion are far from all important and vital, Protaras will suit perfectly. Many newlyweds come here to hold a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. The bay, near which the resort is located, is considered an ideal place for diving. Here is the cape Greco, which separates Protaras from Ayia Napa. On the cape you can visit the sea caves and snow-white beaches. From the ancient monuments in the city you can see the Church of St. Elijah, located on the mountain. In the evenings, in the rays of illumination you can enjoy a breathtaking view! In a word, the quiet, calm and harmonious nature of Protaras, majestic temples and castles, picturesque bays – all this will not leave anyone indifferent!
Hotels for adults

From the point of view of the choice of accommodation on vacation, among lovers or couples who come on a trip without children, very popular hotels for adults. Let the reader not be embarrassed by that name. We are talking about hotels, where everything is arranged for comfortable and comfortable rest for adults from “16+”. There are no playgrounds, animators and nannies, but there are spacious rooms, swimming pools and fine restaurants. Territorial such hotels, as a rule, are located far from noisy city centers.
Napa Plaza 4+

In Ayia Napa the most attractive is Napa Plaza 4+ – a sample of attractive design, excellent service and rich infrastructure. It offers indoor and outdoor pools, a glass bar overlooking the promenade and Pantahu Beach, a 7-minute walk away. Holidaymakers say that the hotel has excellent food, excellent service and Russian-speaking staff.
«Tasia maris sands 4+»

“Tasia maris sands 4+” is another modern adult hotel in Ayia Napa. Located in the bay “Sandy Bay”, near the beach. Unlike Hotel Napa Plaza 4+, this hotel is 20 minutes walk from the “party” in Ayia Napa. Therefore, “Tasia maris sands 4+” is suitable for guests who are set for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Here is a nice and polite restaurant, great food and an unusual, light atmosphere.
Atlantica Sea Breeze 4+

Atlantica Sea Breeze 4+

In Protaras, the best adult hotel in the opinion of holidaymakers is Atlantica Sea Breeze 4+. The hotel is on the first coastline, away from the center of Protaras (30 minutes walk). There is everything for a comfortable stay: indoor pool, massage, SPA, etc. On the territory there is a restaurant. Near the hotel there are 2 picturesque beaches. The service and the interior are on top!

As for the pastime, Cyprus offers a lot of options for both lovers of outdoor activities and for admirers of harmonious and tranquil seclusion. For example, contemplators of nature will appreciate such an opportunity as a visit to the neighboring countries of Cyprus within the framework of a sea cruise. Greek islands – Santorini, Kos, Rhodes, the shrine of Jerusalem in Israel (there you can also fly by plane) and much more is available for sea tourists. And if you want to plunge into a somewhat different, eastern atmosphere, it’s enough to go on foot or with an excursion to the northern part of Cyprus. This territory is an unrecognized Turkish Republic and attracts tourists with its eccentricity and contrast against the background of the southern part of Cyprus. For those who do not want to go on a long cruise, Prezas Tours can organize individual boat trips. And for fans of outdoor activities we have prepared a party on the ship and a traditional Cypriot night with national songs and dances!
Bridge of Lovers

For newlyweds and young married couples in Cyprus there is a mass of excursions with visits to attractions that symbolize love and strong family relationships. For example, not far from Ayia Napa and Protaras is the “Bridge of Lovers” – a unique natural object, represented in the form of an arch towering over the sea. This is a favorite place for vacationers “couples”. According to the legend, those who kiss on this bridge will never part again! And if at the same time the desire to make a wish is fulfilled, it will come true! “The Bridge of Lovers” is not only a great place to walk, but also a favorite object for photo shoots. Similar photo sessions are organized by the Prezas Tours. You can order this service on our website.

Also, in Ayia Napa, at cape Capo Greco you can find a 600-year-old juniper tree! It is called the “Tree of Lovers”. According to an ancient tradition, newlyweds who kiss under his crown will live happily for many years!

In Protaras, all lovers will be interested in the church of St. Barbara. This is a popular place for a wedding. And in the city of Famagusta there is the famous castle “Castello”, where the events of Shakespeare’s Othello and Desdemona took place.

“Prezas Tours” also offers several interesting and romantic excursions. Visitors to the tour “The Heart of Troodos” will be able to visit the ancient monastery of Kykkos and attach themselves to the miraculous icon. After, the guests of Cyprus will visit the highest waterfall in Cyprus, wine tasting and visit the place of birth of the goddess Aphrodite. The most famous temples of Cyprus and the beach of Aphrodite can also be visited as part of the tour “Kykkos and Aphrodite”.

After visiting the excursion “Paphos and Aphrodite”, the guests of Cyprus will visit the western coast of Cyprus, in Paphos – the city museum. Here you can see the sights of the times of ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Then tourists can get acquainted with the monastery of St. Neophyte, and after a swim and rejuvenate at the birthplace of Aphrodite.

Cyprus is a romantic place to relax.

Cyprus is considered one of the most romantic places to relax! Here everything is imbued with legends and traditions about love and fidelity. This is why thousands of lovers come here every year. Someone wants to rest in peace and quiet, others need a drive and “get-togethers” from night till morning. And still others come here to get married and “play” a wedding. And Prezas Tours will gladly help you organize a wedding ceremony in Cyprus. This island welcomes all guests and gives positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!

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