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Prezas Tours offers you an article-review about the rest in Cyprus in the area of ​​Protaras. Inside you will find a description of the most visited tourist places in all areas of recreation – from cafes and hotels, to life insurance and medicine.

Hotels in Cyprus

When it comes to organizing holidays abroad, the first thing you need is to issue the necessary documents (visa, insurance, etc.) and buy or reserve tickets. Next comes the question of choosing a hotel. We have selected for you reviews of the most popular hotels in Protaras – for each type of service provided (number of stars).
We recommend you the top three for organizing first-class accommodation and leisure in Cyprus.

Sunrise Pearl Hotel & Spa 5 *.

A fairly new and “young” hotel (built in 2012), located on one of the best beaches in Cyprus, in the center of Protaras. The entire infrastructure and main attractions of Cyprus are within walking distance.
Vacationers appreciate the Sunrise Pearl Hotel & Spa for its beautiful and stylish design, quality of food, its own beach and an incredible level of service.

Sunrise Beach Hotel 4 *

Another “pearl” of Protaras, located in the south-eastern part of Cyprus, next to the sandy white-golden beach and picturesque gardens. The hotel has a lot of entertainment, including sports focus: gym, aerobics, diving spa and wellness center and much more. There is even a snow room and squash. Tourists noted not only the quality of service and entertainment, but also the focus on relaxation and relaxation next to the sea, in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Smartline Protaras 3 *

According to reviews from the site TripAdvisor, this hotel in Protaras is the first place in the opinion of holidaymakers. Five-star competitors, mentioned above, he left behind! Smartline Protaras is located in the most prestigious area of ​​Protaras, close to incredibly clean waters and magnificent beaches! In the reviews of the hotel noted convenience of accommodation – the beach is very close (7 minutes walk), bus stop – for travel to neighboring Larnaca and Ayia Napu. Quality food and quality service, corresponding to 3 stars.

Food. Restaurants and cafes

It’s no secret that tourists go on a trip not only for the sun, sea and beach, but also for satisfying gastronomic preferences! Cyprus is a country with an original culture and no less original cuisine, so restaurants and cafes are always full of tourists. A good and tasty national food in Protaras is famous for its many establishments. We present to your attention the “most-most” gastronomic points of Protaras.

Yia-Mas George’s Bar

Has a frenzied popularity among travelers coming to Cyprus! It’s understandable, the pub is simple and “without the bells and whistles”: tasty and inexpensive food, homemade wine and the opportunity to play a good game of billiards!

Is “Yia-Mas George’s” on the main street of Protaras, it is impossible to miss, especially in the evenings. Closer to the night, the life of the pub is colorful and attractive: cocktails, karaoke and live music, as well as sports broadcasts for a football fan. In a word, simply, cute and with taste!

Restaurant “Anatolia”

It is in demand among connoisseurs of dishes of national Cypriot cuisine. The selection of the menu will satisfy the request of the most experienced deli, and democratic prices and a cozy atmosphere with free Wi-Fi will be a pleasant bonus!

Seafood restaurant «Kalamies»

Visitors are invited to Mediterranean, Greek and European cuisine, and most importantly – seafood. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back: open-air tables, an ideal price-quality ratio – the institution beats all records of attendance among restaurants in Protaras.

Beaches in Cyprus

Cyprus is primarily a resort, which means: the most beautiful beaches, warm sea and gentle sun! The beaches of Protaras also have a rating. Introducing the TOP-3 candidate for the best place for taking “sunbathing”.

Fig Tree Bay (Fig tree bay)

The name, as is not difficult to guess, is associated with the vegetation of Cyprus – on the beach of the bay grows figs. On the territory are all kinds of water activities, as well as massage couches, cafes and a footpath.

Green bay

A small beach with clean sea water and a pier for pleasure boats. In addition to ordinary tourists, on Green Bay happy to visit divers – next to the beach are flooded sculptures.

Kapparis beach

“Little Paradise” – this is how vacationers talk about this place in Protaras. Cozy, clean and peaceful – an ideal place to relax in a close family circle.

Excursions and entertainment in Cyprus

Any holiday abroad and by the sea can not be full without a sightseeing program. We present to you the leaders in the tourist attendance among the attractions of Protaras.

Ocean Aquarium

The oceanic aquarium is the star of Protaras. More than 1,000 representatives of marine fauna, as well as penguins and crocodiles. The complex is accessible to visitors all year round and is very popular with young holidaymakers.

The Dancing Fountains Show

The next most popular attraction is Protaras. The local Fountain Show is a magnificent and spectacular sight! Every year, from May to November, it attracts tourists from all over Cyprus!

St. Elias Church (Church of the Prophet Elijah)

The sanctuary is built apart from the rest of Protaras, on a high cliff, from where you can admire the stunning views of the resort town and beyond! Many tourists come here to make a wish at the tree of Wishes!

Health Care System in Cyprus

Separately it is necessary to talk about one of the most important components of any rest: safety for health.
In Cyprus, there is both a public and private health system. International tourists in emergency situations receive medical care for free, in any treatment department. Further treatment requires cash. Here it is not only about serious interference with hospitalization, but also about the banal purchase of medicines. Without an insurance policy it will not be cheap. Therefore, it is not necessary to neglect the registration of insurance, even if it is not mandatory for entry and stay in Cyprus.
In addition to insurance, no additional procedures, such as vaccinations, are not required.

Pharmacies in Cyprus at every step (marked with a green cross), and pharmacists show themselves very high-quality and competent professionals. However, be prepared for the fact that medicines in Cyprus can only be bought on prescription.

And the most important thing. To get help in any emergency, call 112 or 199. Emergency services in Cyprus work around the clock.

Cyprus is a Mediterranean resort, which annually attracts more than 3 million tourists from all over the world! And his popularity is justified in full. There is everything for active recreation: comfortable hotels, delicious, useful food available on any wallet, picturesque beaches with clear water and a “sea” of entertainment that will taste even the most sophisticated holiday-makers!

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