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Agree that many Russian-speaking tourists do not think about resting on the sea without going shopping. For many of us, shopping is an integral part of traveling abroad. Cyprus offers the most favorable conditions for achieving this goal. There are not only excellent sea, sun and beach, but also a lot of quality grocery stores, kiosks, souvenir shops, shopping centers, mini-clothes shops and boutiques from famous brands. Prezas Tours has prepared for you a guide for the best shopping centers in Protaras, Paralimni and Ayia Napa.

Shopping in Cyprus: what to buy?

For starters, it’s worth mentioning the products that tourists primarily pay attention to. Many guests of Cyprus prefer a clothing shop. Cyprus is part of the European Union, so you can not say that the value of branded goods is more accessible here than in Russia. Prices for the famous “Mango”, “Zara”, “Louis Vuitton”, “Max Mara”, etc. comparable to the Moscow and quite biting. However, in Cyprus there are periods of official, legalized sales: winter and summer. Winter sale starts on the first Monday of February and lasts up to 45 days. In summer, shopping for sale starts from the middle of July and lasts the same way as in winter. Before April Easter, at the end of the summer season and before the December Christmas (including a short period after the New Year) there are no less popular “discount” periods.
Trade Features

Shopping lovers should know the peculiarities of trade in Cyprus. Local shops are open from 8:00 to 19:00, with a lunch break from one hour to four. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, a shorter working day, and shops are open only until 15:00. And on Sunday – the day off. During discounts, on all types of sales you can buy very high-quality items at the lowest prices. Categories are diverse: from clothing and footwear, to household appliances and electronics. And discounts on goods reach 70%! For Russian-speaking tourists, there is a nice bonus: in many shops Russian-speaking sellers work.

In addition to brand purchases, tourists in Cyprus show interest in traditional things that characterize the culture and traditions of this country. Incredibly popular are Cypriot wines, olive oils, leather goods and furs, jewelry, various figurines and other pieces of local architecture that can be purchased at every turn.

Especially worth noting jewelry: they are made by masters of their craft, of gold and silver of the highest quality, and are not taxed. Still in Cyprus, lace Lefkara embroidery and various utensils for the kitchen are very popular: pottery and wickerwork, woodcarving and porcelain dishes. You can buy the best items of folk art in the branches of the Center for Traditional Crafts. They are present in most major resort towns.

Cyprus wines

From Cypriot wines, tourists prefer to buy as a gift copies of local brands: “ETKO”, “KEO”, “LOEL” and “SODAP”, as well as home-made wines. Popular vodka “Zivania”, strong “Commandaria”, as well as various brandies and liqueurs, for example “Five Kings” and “Filfar” are popular.

When buying food, the guests of Cyprus prefer local wines and cheeses, as well as fresh fruits, seafood, fish and meat. Do not remain without attention and local sweets, in particular rahat-lukum. You can buy these products both in supermarkets like Metro, and in various roadside shops and kiosks “Periphero”. Do not forget about shopping as part of the excursions. In small villages you can also buy fresh cheeses and quality home-made wines
Shopping in Paralimni

Paralimni is not the main shopping center in Cyprus, but here you can buy good things: from food, to brand clothes. The most famous shopping centers in Paralimni are Lidl and the three-story Marks & Spencer. In addition, small shops and shops are scattered around the city, where you can also buy clothes, leather goods, jewelry and souvenirs. For example, in “Sirocco” you can find quality clothes at affordable prices, and in “Pablovsky” they sell good and comfortable children’s shoes.
Shopping in Protaras

In Protaras, large stores are located on the streets of Leophoros Kappari and Akefalu Preotara. Souvenir shops side by side with the supermarket network “Lidl”. Also, almost every hotel has tourist shops with souvenirs, beach accessories and cosmetics. In Protaras, you can buy quality clothes, shoes, leather goods, cosmetics in local olive oil and jewelry.
Shopping in Ayia Napa

The main shopping centers in Ayia Napa are a small shopping center “Incredible Universe” and a shop “Planet Store”. In the first there are departments with food, everyday goods and souvenirs. In the second you can buy almost everything: from personal goods, to small household appliances.

Near the Nissi Ave avenue there are separate shops and boutiques where you can buy a basic beach assortment (flip-flops, hats, swimsuits, etc.). The same shops are located along the embankment of the town. Delicious and healthy local products – cheeses, wine, seafood and meat – can be purchased at the stores “BEST BUY” and “PLUS”. Branded items should be looked for in Brandshop, and the best jewelry in Brilliance Jewelery. Items of folk art and handmade souvenirs can be purchased at the Maggie Souvenir Shop. Features of shopping Cyprus shopping is a great activity for shoppers, but there are their own characteristics. Local sellers are very hospitable. Employees of boutiques and mini-shops will happily treat you with a cup of local coffee and will support the conversation. However, be prepared that you will be offered to buy half of the store. In addition, Cyprus does not like to bargain, so it is required to pay the full cost of goods. The only exception can be only folk items that can be purchased in remote villages. With the amount of purchases in shopping centers and boutiques from 50 euros, you can issue a check for tax-free. It allows you to return up to 15% of the money spent. It is necessary to put a stamp on the check when crossing the border, as well as fill out a questionnaire at the airport. Tour “Nicosia Shopping” Protaras, Paralimni and Ayia Napa are good both for recreation and for shopping. But the largest and favorite shopping centers are in Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia. These towns are the main for fans of shopping in Cyprus. For those who want to arrange grandiose shopping trips, Prezas Tours organizes an excursion “Nicosia shopping”.

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