In 2020, plans to visit Cyprus by Russian citizens beat all records! Visiting Turkey was problematic, and enterprising vacationers drew attention to the neighboring Mediterranean island.

Similarly to EU countries, entry to Cyprus for Russian citizens requires a visa. It should be clarified that it is possible to get to the island state without problems in the southern part of the island. Through Northern Cyprus, controlled by the Turkish Republic, this is more difficult to do.

Types of visas to Cyprus.

Entry into the country is possible according to the national Cypriot visa and Schengen visa. When choosing the second option, it is necessary to remember that a visit to Cyprus on a Schengen visa is possible within the framework of a valid visa category C (multivisa) or D, and at least one entry to any other country where the Schengen operates.

To apply for a visa to Cyprus, you need to apply to the Consulate General of Cyprus in St. Petersburg, or to the Embassy of Cyprus in the capital.

For citizens of Russia, the following options for issuing visas are available:

  • Tourist visa.
  • Work Visa.
  • Guest visa.
  • Transit visa.

Visa registration at the Embassy or Consulate General.

Holidaymakers are interested in the option of a tourist visa. The process of completing the package of documents is as transparent and simple as possible.

List of required documents:

  • International passport.

The requirements are standard: a) validity of the passport from 3 months; b) the presence of one (or more) clean page for the visa stamp.

  • A copy of the passport (pages with a photo).
  • Photo format 3×4 cm (or 3.5×4.5 cm), color. Photo is pasted into the questionnaire.
  • Application or questionnaire, filled in English or transliteration.
  • Confirmation from the host: fax with availability of reservation at the hotel, an invitation from relatives or a copy of the tourist voucher.
  • It is not superfluous to confirm financial solvency: a certificate of income, an extract from a bank account or a letter from the sponsor.
  • Insurance. This is an optional item, but do not neglect it.


Subtleties when preparing documents:

1. Zero visa fee for citizens of Russia.
2. Deadline for documents: 1-2 days. But in the high season – from May to November – there may be delays of up to several days.
3. For children under 18 years, a copy of the birth certificate and a power of attorney from the parents are required, notarized. When crossing the border with an escort, it is required to provide copies of the consent to enter from the parents.

On the receiving side, tourists should be prepared for checking the availability of a passport, an invitation (for example, a hotel reservation), checking airline tickets (return flight) and cash (more than 50 USD per person per day).

Visa Online Center

You can apply for a visa to Cyprus without leaving your home! Use the Visa Online Center.

To create a standard package, you will need:

Visit the resource.
Fill in the form.
Send to the site a completed questionnaire, an electronic photo of the standard format (3×4 cm), a scan page with a photo from the passport, a certificate confirming the amount of salary 15 000 or more. A child’s visa requires a scan of a copy of the birth certificate.
Pay for the visa service: cash / bank transfer or transfer.

After 1-3 working days after payment, you can receive an electronic visa and print it.
Registration of the provision.

There is an alternative option for issuing a visa to Cyprus. Russians who cross the border by air (not from the EU, but from Russia) can receive an electronic permit for a one-time entry and stay in Cyprus for up to 90 days in the next 6 months.

This electronic voucher is also called a provision. The registration of the provision significantly saves time and speed of the documents, as well as the money required for traveling to the Embassy or the services of travel agencies.

To get the provision, visit the official website of the Embassy of Cyprus in Russia.

It is necessary:

  • Download the electronic template of the questionnaire.
  • Fill in the form. For each member of the family, the questionnaire is required to be issued separately. Use transliteration or English. In the application the name and surname must coincide with the variant in the foreign passport. When registering documents for a child, check the “CHILD” item. In case of re-registration of the provision, mark the item “Repeatedly”.
  • Save the document, indicating in the title your name and surname. The required file format is: .doc (Microsoft Word).
  • Send the completed questionnaire to the email indicated on the site or in the downloaded template.

If the questionnaire is correctly filled in and there are no problems, the Embassy will respond within two days. A letter with a proviso (or several – one for each holiday-maker) will come to the applicant’s e-mail address. To complete the visa, present this voucher at the airport of Cyprus, at a special passport control desk. The visa will be stamped with a visa, after which you will become the holder of a valid visa.

Making a visa to Cyprus is a comfortable and fast process.

With the accession of Cyprus to the European Union, tourists have the opportunity to cross the island’s border not only on the national, but also on the Schengen visa. And the general availability of the Internet allows you to execute a visa or a visa for Cyprus online. If you approach the process competently and responsibly, then you will not have any problems with rest on the Mediterranean island!