Cyprus is one of the most famous island states. It is not only a beautiful, popular resort of Europe, the “cradle” of ancient and original culture, but also the center of Orthodox Christianity. The Cyprus Orthodox Church is revered by the state and takes an active part in the socio-political life of the country. On the island there are more than 500 Orthodox churches and 9 large monasteries with extensive landed estates and other property.

In Cyprus, no excursion can do without visiting a monastery, a temple or a small church! Prezas Tours offers you a quick overview of the popular shrines of the island.

Monastery of St. Neophyte the Recluse.

Located near Paphos, at a height of just under 500 m above sea level. The history of the appearance of the monastery goes back to the life of St. Neophyte, who at the age of 18 refused to marry and became a hermit.

The monastery is interesting not only for pilgrims, but also for lovers of ancient architecture and cave landscapes. The shrine is located next to the rock, in which the monk settled his shelter and lived for more than 50 years! By the way, the relics of St. Neophyte are in the main temple of the monastery, and those who wish can touch them. Also, in one of the buildings of the church there is a museum where manuscripts of the saint, antique ceramics and an interesting exhibit from Russia presented to the monastery in the 19th century are displayed.

Visit the monastery of St. Neophyte by yourself if you are staying in Paphos or nearby. Or take advantage of the help of Prezas Tours and visit one of the most picturesque temples in the tour “Paphos and Aphrodite”.

Monastery Chrysoroyatissa.

The most famous name of the shrine is the monastery of the Virgin Chrysoroyatis. The intricate name “Chrysoroyatis” is translated from Greek as “the golden queen” and speaks for itself. According to legend, the monastery was founded in honor of finding the icon with the face of the Virgin – a local fisherman found it thrown out near the shore of the sea, near Paphos.

The monastery Chrysoroyatissa is not operational, but after a severe fire in 1967 it is under the care of the abbot of Dionysius. In the monastery vestry there is a museum where you can look at the relics of the 12th century, as well as the ancient operating winery Chrysorrogiatissa Wines and an observation deck with an incredible view of the plateau!

There is a shrine near Paphos, at the congress “Axylou, Amargeti, Pentalia” of the Limassol-Paphos highway. You can get there both on your own transport and by booking the tour “Unknown and beautiful Cyprus” from Prezas Tours.

Monastery of Trooditissa.

The most ancient, the most famous and highest mountain monument in Cyprus! Another name is the Trooditissa Monastery. It was founded in the beginning of the 13th century and is on a mountain in the town of Troodos and Prodromos, at an altitude of more than 1000 m above sea level! The name of the monastery in translation means “living in the mountains of Trooditissa”, and because of the high location of the complex, it is also called “The Queen of Monasteries” or “the first step to Heaven”.

The history of the formation of the monastery is similar to the history of Chrysoroyatissa. On the territory of this complex are also revered sacred objects: a miraculous silver icon with the face of the Virgin Mary of the work of St. Luke, as well as a silver belt that heals from infertility.

The monastery of Trooditissa is truly original and “not secular”! Time here, if not stopped, then follows a slow, measured turn. However, this did not affect the technical equipment: here and there you can see modern aggregates. And for tourists on the territory is a museum where you can buy souvenirs, as well as liqueurs made by local monks.

Visit the monastery yourself: by going to the place Troodos – at the final point of the route Limassol-Troodos, or by booking a tour of “Orthodox Cyprus” from our company.

Monastery of the Holy Cross in the village of Omodos.

For pilgrims, the main attraction of the village of Omodos is the monastery of the Holy Cross. The title is once again explained by legends and beliefs. According to one of them, the founder of the monastery was St. Elena. The Empress transported Christian shrines – “The Life-Giving Cross” and “Christ’s Ties” on the way from Palestine to Constantinople. In one of the storms Saint Elena had to interrupt her journey off the coast of Cyprus. Here she appeared to the Angel, who brought a decree on the construction of temples in Cyprus and the sacrifice of the mentioned shrines.

Particles of the “Life-Giving Cross” are here to this day, along with a fragment of the “Uz of Christ”, which he associated with scourging. In addition to Cypriot shrines, here you can also find icons made in the Old Russian style.

Today the complex has changed the status of the monastery to the parish temple of the village of Omodos. High-altitude settlement is extremely popular among tourists. In addition to the monastery, here is one of the most visited wineries, as well as small museums – political, applied and historical content.

The village of Omodos and its surroundings can be visited within the framework of tours “Unknown and beautiful Cyprus” and “Kykos and Aphrodite” from Prezas Tours.

Monastery of St. Heraklid.

The biggest convent of Cyprus. It is located “on the ruins” of the ancient state of Tamassos, and now in the village of Politiko. Named after one of the disciples of the apostles Barnabas and Paul, who brought Orthodox Christianity to the land of Cyprus.

Originally the complex was a man’s monastery and a repository of the relics of a saint. It was founded after the death of Iraklidia in the 5th century – actually at the burial place of the Apostle’s disciple. Here, the cave-monastery of Iraklidia is preserved, where pilgrims can not only pray at the sacred bed, but also receive healing. Saint Irakleidy helps those suffering from the diseases of the back. Everyone can get a miracle of recovery: pilgrims lay down on a rug, laid on the bed of a saint, and spend a few minutes there.

After one of the Turkish raids at the end of the 1st century, the monastery was rebuilt and replaced by a female monastery. However, his status was changed more than once, until in 1962 the monastery again and finally became a woman.

The territory of the monastery is beautiful, clean and tidy. And in the garden grows a very ancient, but bright olive tree. In all the women’s hand is felt.

The route to the monastery is intricate, and without the help of local residents it is easy to get lost. However, with a tourist excursion, such problems will not arise. The monastery of St. Iraklidia can be visited within the framework of our excursion “Discover Cyprus”.

Monastery of the Apostle Andrew.

This monastery on Karpaz is one of the most visited shrines of Northern Cyprus. According to legend, the Apostle Andrew visited these lands in the 1st century. His ship was in a calm near Cyprus. And when the water and provisions were running out, the travelers landed on a stone beach. The apostle raised his hands in prayer, and among the bare rocks appeared a miraculous source. According to one version of the legend, the son of the captain gained sight through the holy water. And after he built the first temple at the source.

The monastery of the Apostle Andrew is mentioned in many historical chronicles: from the writings of the pilgrim Sivulf, to the English monarch Richard the Lionheart.

For its millennial history, the architecture of the temple has often changed. In the 15th century, local settlers erected one of the old parts of the temple. The new building was released in the middle of the 19th century and is the main one to this day.

The monastery is famous not only as a healing source, but also as a miraculous icon of the Apostle Andrew. It helps to cope with many diseases. Also, on the territory of the monastery you can observe the wild donkeys. Animals are “lured” by holidaymakers and easily go to contact. And a few kilometers from the temple is “the edge of the earth” – the easternmost point of the island. Here you can see almost sunken ridge, leading to the continent.

The monastery of Apostle Andrew is a popular point in the tourist routes in North Cyprus. Prezas Tours company offers comfortable individual tours to Karpaz for all comers.

Mediterranean Cyprus is the European abode of Orthodox culture. The abundance of churches, chapels and monasteries attracts pilgrims from all over the world. But “ordinary” tourists will not remain indifferent to local beauties! Come to Cyprus and look at this magnificence with your own eyes!