Cyprus is the largest Mediterranean island, where everyone can find rest to taste and in any season. Despite the fact that the sun shines here almost all year round, Cyprus has its own seasonality, like in any other world resort.
Climate of Cyprus as a whole

In the beginning, it is worth mentioning the climate of Cyprus as a whole. Mediterranean subtropical climate – a paradise for fans of year-round heat! In Cyprus, more than 300 days of sunshine a year! Summer is hot, with an average air temperature of 25-30 degrees, sometimes up to 37+, and a water temperature of 24 degrees. However, due to the special location of Cyprus, the presence of low humidity and fresh sea breezes, the weather on the island can not be called very hot. Enjoying the summer in Cyprus can be from May to October. The warmest sea here is estimated by tourists in the periods from May – early June and from September – early October.
Autumn in Cyprus

The Cyprian calendar autumn is characterized by a slight drop in air temperature in the evenings, especially in October – within 24 degrees. Nature at this time of year plays with colors! Purple-golden leaves on bushes, brightness in the foliage of trees. The island appears before the guests in a different light! Until November, warm weather is in full swing and is ideal for visiting sights and tasting home-made wine, which is cooked just in this period.

Autumn in Cyprus is inextricably transformed into winter – light and soft. The air temperature does not drop below 15 degrees, and night frosts are a big rarity. In the main, seaside part of Cyprus there is no snow, but there are rains, from October to April. This is not European long and cloudy days, but sometimes the weather “frowns.” And in the mountains of Troodos snow falls, and from December to May, resting lovers of skiing.
Cyprus Spring

Spring in Cyprus on the fact begins in January, when the orchids blossom. At the end of February, almond blooms and the fields are green. However, until the end of March the weather is cool, sometimes rainy. The air temperature at this time of year rarely rises above 20 degrees. For a beach holiday is still early, however, this is a great time to visit Cyprus attractions. And also it is ideal for those who do not tolerate a strong heat. In April, the weather is getting closer to the summer version. The air temperature is at the level of 25+, however the sea is still cool.

Like many other resorts, Cyprus has traditional high and low seasons. The high season starts from the end of May, when the sea is sufficiently heated, and the air temperature is approaching the summer level. The high season ends in September. The air temperature drops and the number of guests of the resort is noticeably reduced.

A low season for Cyprus is characterized by a smaller number of vacationers and a cool sea. In the first half of the year this is March, April and May, in the second half – September and the end of October. Low season is the ideal time for those who want to visit all sorts of excursions, as well as to bask in the sun and breathe the sea air.
When the beach season begins in Cyprus

The beach season in Cyprus begins in April. This is the time when you can already sunbathe, but only the hardened can afford to bathe. Near the end of May, the air temperature rises to 30+, and the sea is fully warmed. The height of the season falls on three summer months: June, July and August. The air warms up to 33+ degrees, and the water at 30 degrees!

The beach season ends with a velvet season. From September to October, the heat is not so exhausting as in the summer months, but it will be possible to bask under the sun. As well as swim in the sea – it is still warm and refreshing. However, it must be remembered that in October Cyprus begins to prepare for the fall, and the weather can be capricious: temperature jumps and short rains are not uncommon.
A place of rest 300 days a year!

Cyprus is a beautiful, warm and bright place to relax for 300 days a year. Any tourist can choose the right time for the visit. Fans of the heat will fit a high season. Those who prefer easy rest without exhausting heat, as well as lovers of comfortable excursions like the low season in early spring. Well, tourists who are accustomed to taking the rest to the maximum, will appreciate the velvet season! Choose a convenient and comfortable season for you. Cyprus is open to guests at any time of the year!