Take  a  look  at  a  local  farm  workshop  that  specializes  in  Halloumi  making  (Cyprus  Cheese). There  will  be  a  tour  on  how  this  is  made  and  you  will  get  the  chance  to  taste  it  as  well!

You  will  also  see   the  sheep  and  goats  in  their  natural  habitat. Your  children  will  love  the  fact  they  can  feed  the  small  animals  themselves!

Be  informed  about  the  island’s  situation  through  publications, video/art/photo  exhibitions.  You  also  get  the  chance  to  observe  the  ‘Ghost   Town’  of  Varosha,  as  the  Cultural  Centre  is  very  close  to  the  ‘Green  Line’.

Visit  this  Fruit  Garden  with  over  three  thousand  fruit  trees, including  grapefruits, oranges, fig  trees, pomegranates,  mandarins  etc. The  friendly  owners  will let  you   collect  seasonal  fruits  right  from  the trees  and  you  can  buy  anything   you  like!

Take  a  look  at  this  display  of  the  traditional  way  of  life  before  the  1960’s. Various  aspects  of  the  daily  life  are  exhibited  via  the  tools  and  crafts  used  at  the  time.

Observe  the  traditional  art  of  pot  making  and  then  follow  his  instructions  to  make  your  own  pot! Take  a  tour  around  the  workshop  and  don’t  forget  to buy  your  souvenirs!


*Adult ticket: 25 €

*Kid ticket: 13 €

*Children are from 5-12 years old. Until 5 years FREE OF CHARGE!

Price includes: 

  • Visit on a farm in Sotira village and watch the process of traditional halloumi making
  • Visit the Culture Center of occupied Famagusta in Dherynia village
  • Dherynia Folkloric Museum
  • A field trip in an orchard full of seasonal fruits
  • Pottery Workshop

Language: English & Russian

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For the first time, when I came to Cyprus, I stayed in Kapparis with a child. At that time, Russian-speaking staff was nowhere to be found, either in stores or in pharmacies. And somehow I saw a tourist office. I went into it, and was pleasantly surprised to hear the Russian speech! We met a girl, her name is Elina. She helped me, told me where I could go with the baby, where it’s better. And so walking past the office, the child constantly asked him to ring the bell that lies on the table. Well, already it became boring for us just to go to the sea, took a couple of short excursions, because long I was afraid that the baby could not stand it. And in general, we liked everything very much and even my baby was interesting and he was not capricious! I recommend the company!

Elena, Moscow.

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