Drive  through  the  ‘’Red  Villages’’ we  will  head  towards  the  Argonaftis  Animal  Park, Located  adjacent  to  the  Achna  Dam.

Simple  traditional  products  of  the  island : the  local  firewater  Zivania,  village  wine, Halloumi  cheese, olives, bread  and  more.

A leisurely  stroll  around  the  park will  introduce  you  to  the  various  poultry  and  other  animals.

A  fantastic  donkey  ride  is  next. Trotting  gently  through  the  lush  plantations, the  journey  will  take  you  to  the  beautiful  chapel  of  St. George  ‘Teratsiotis’(14th – 15th Century).

Petting  zoo  of  animals  including  baby  donkeys, dogs, chickens, rabbits, tortoises, lambs  and  goats  under the  supervision  of  qualified  representatives  of  the  farm. Animation, games, dance  class  and  face  painting.

A  BBQ  meal  accompanied  by  home-cooked  specialities  will  await  you, complete  with  wine, Zivania  and  juice  for  the  children, followed  by  a  show  of  Cypriot  folk  dancing  and  music.

You  will  not  be  able  to  resist  the  familiar  rhythm  of  the  Greek  ‘Syrtaki’ dance  and  are  welcome  to  join  in!

The  evening  concludes  with  the  awarding  of  a  special  souvenir  certificate  of  participation.

*Adult ticket: 35€

*Kid ticket: 20€

*Department from Protaras


Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews

We are not the first time abroad, but in Cyprus for the first time. Based on past travel experience, we were prepared, and knew that we need to buy tours in local companies. Going through all the offices in Perner, we found a very nice office and a terrific staff, which we all explained and composed our holiday program. And they are absolutely not intrusive, as in the eastern countries. It can be seen that they love their work and their island! We took a sightseeing tour of the island, Kykkos and Aphrodite, Famagustu ½ day, boat trip, donkey safari, fountain show, water park. Everything was at the highest level! And, by the way, the prices they were even cheaper than at the entrance to the water park. And they carry donkey safaris to the farm, which originally came up with this tour, and after that many began to copy, but they are still not as good as it should be (we were interested in other offices, so the farms are different everywhere). Guides on excursions are simply stunning! They say that everyone sat and listened attentively, so as not to miss anything!

Remained under the immense impression of Cyprus and from the amazing tours!

Family of Zakharovs, Perm.


Wow, you, great! You have a website where you can leave a review! We were looking for you, we wanted to express our gratitude! Girls, you’re just super! We still remember how we arranged a farewell party in the office with dancing and a glass of wine! Of course, I apologize to the manager that we showed such initiative and sang songs and danced, but our soul sang from such a chic vacation!)) By the way, with that Englishman we still communicate, which we met at the “Cyprus Night”. Thank you for recommending this tour, it was very cool! So, girls, I’ll invite you to the wedding, if that’s what!))

And anyway, what a solid team you have, everyone is so attentive! Well done!

Ekaterina and Svetlana, Ekaterinburg.

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