Join  the  Red  Bus  Famagusta  Tour  for  a  day  out  you  will  remember  and  cherish  long  after  your  return  home.

The  Red  Bus  Famagusta  Tour  has  been  awarded  the  Certificate   of  Excellence  by  Trip  Advisor.

You  can  choose  to  sit  on  the  open  upper  deck  or  in  the  shady  nook  of  our  bottom  deck.

The  tour  is  in  the  two  parts, first  the  Red  Bus  will  take  you  into  Northern  Cyprus  and  then  into  the  Venetian-walled  city  of  Famagusta, steeped  in  history  and  at  one  time  host  to  365  churches.

Famagusta  is  a  charming  city  with  many  cafes  and  small  shops  to  browse  around, there  is  something  of  interest  for  everyone  and  plenty  of  free  time  to  explore  and  discover  as  you  please. A  detailed  plan  of  the  walled  city  highlighting  the  main  points  of  interest  is  provided.

The  second   part  of  the  Red  Bus  Tour  will  take  you  to  Constantia Beach and  the  once  largest  holiday  resort  in  the  whole  of  Cyprus, Varosha. It’s  truely amazing  how  Varosha  has  been  allowed  to  become  a  ghost  city  since  the  1974  invasion.

To  finish  the  tour  there  is  time  to  sunbathe  and  swim  with  the  Turtles  that  feed  there  most  of  the  summer. If  you  don’t  have  your  own  snorkel  and  mask  we  have  a  limited supply  on  board  for  your  use. On  your  return  journey  we  have  a  coupe  of  surprises  for  you!

*Adult ticket: 24 €

*Children from 2 to 12 years old – 50% discount

*Passport or European Union ID card is needed for trips to Kerynia and\or Famagusta

*Entrance fees for all excursions are included in the prices (except entrance fees at the House of Dionysus mosaics, Salamis, and Saint Barnabas)

*Meals are not included in the prices

*Infants up to 24 months old – free 


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