Prezas Tours company offers you individual and exciting excursions in Cyprus with a English-speaking driver-guide, especially for you and your family, or for a large company. All excursions are organized at a convenient time for you and are held on a comfortable Mercedes-Vito mini-bus for 9 passengers, a Mercedes-Sprinter for 16 passengers, Ford Transit for 14 passengers, Jeep Land Rover Santana for 9 passengers, which corresponds to all modern European standards of safety and technical equipment.

Variants of the proposed excursions in Cyprus are not final – you too can make your suggestions and changes to the program. We visit holy places, castles, monasteries, mosaics, museums, amphitheatres, ancient cities, aphrodite stone, aphrodite baths, zoos, waterfalls, caves, gorges, nature reserves, organize picnics and much more.

Excursions in Cyprus are offered for every taste and for any wallet.



1st Visit to Orthodox shrines, the church of Cyprian and Justina, Hilarion and Barnabas, the monastery of Kykkos, the monastery of Trooditissa, the monastery of the Holy Cross, where the life-giving cross is kept.

2nd archaeological site: the 12th-century Colossi castle of the Crusader period, the ancient city of Curio of the 11th century BC, the amphitheater and mosaic of the Roman period, the birthplace of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite, the citations of the apostle Paul, and the visit to Paphos harbor with a medieval castle.

3rd Various colorful visits to villages, such as Omodos, Lefkara, Ficardo, included in the UNESCO list. Visits to wineries, olive factories, visits to citrus plantations, and a walk through the capital of the old city of the 15th century.


For those who are looking for unusual impressions and entertainments or  who likes a quiet holiday. You can choose from the usual tours that visit our bus excursions, or non-standard ones, with visits to beautiful beaches, delightful villages, monasteries, churches, forests, valleys and unexplored areas .Everything is possible! Choose a route, and we will realize your dream!

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I’m delighted, guys fellows! We arrived with my friend in late November, when the season was already over. Excursions were no longer there, many institutions were closed. It so happened that we somehow spontaneously chose Cyprus. Usually every year we travel, prepare, read about the country. And then it happened so unexpectedly that we arrived. First, the tour operator offered us a free trip to the silver store. But there are such prices .. But, nevertheless, once already arrived, the girlfriend bought herself all sorts of stuff and money she practically did not have, and I just went and looked. And then, walking, we saw a pointer that not far from our hotel “Captain Karas” has a tourist office Prezas Tours. We went there. The office manager, Elina met us. Not looking at the fact that everything was closed, they were open. Elina told us that there are no group tours, only individual ones can be organized. But, since we are retired, we can not afford this. And Elina said that tomorrow she and her husband are going to the monastery of Apostle Andrew to North Cyprus, since November 30 is the day of Apostle Andrew. I also really wanted to go, she said, well, not a question, we agreed on a comfortable amount for me. The next day we left early to catch a glimpse. Along the way, we met different animals. And in one place there was a donkey who simply did not let him pass. Elina, knowing in advance that there could be such a situation, took bread with her. The donkey put his head in the car window, and begged for bread, and we fed him. Then we got to the monastery, stopping for a photo and having a cup of coffee. After Andreas brought us to a posh tavern, and there we ate so delicious! I still thought if I had enough money to pay for lunch. But, Andreas said that this day is the day of his saint and he treats! Then we still stopped in Famagusta, also very much. And by the way, when we went, we saw that people stop cars and collect something on the roadside. I asked why they stop, to which the guys told me that they are collecting snails, because in Cyprus it is a delicacy. Well, I also collected snails for the first time! In general, the day was full of adventure and positive emotions! Leaving Cyprus, I could not stop by Elina, and leave a small present as a token of gratitude! Thanks again!

Nina, St. Petersburg.

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