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Wine is the most revered and recognized drink in the whole world! His legends are made up of legends, verses are written about “truth in wine”, it is one of the components of the Christian religion (“The Blood of the Lord”). For many millennia, mankind in the majority gives preference to this drink. A good wine is a subject of admiration for gourmets and a pleasant addition to rest for any esthete. Cyprus has a favorable climate and is the “pioneer” of winemaking in the Mediterranean. For over 6,000 years in Cyprus, the traditions of wine making are honored. Guests of the island are available a large selection of this divine drink both among private winemakers and among brand manufacturers.

In Cyprus, grows more than 150 varieties of grapes. This opens up broad prospects for production. Traditional for Cyprus is a wine fortress over 12 degrees from local varieties of grapes. And by types of wine – white, red, dry, semi-dry, etc. – Local wineries are able to satisfy any, most refined taste.

All wines in Cyprus can be conditionally divided into “mass-market” wines and private ones. The first include such giants of winemaking, as KEO, ETKO, SODAP, LOEL. Their products are standard wines that do not pretend to be exclusive, but are a product of high quality and winners of winemaking awards.

The production of these wineries can be purchased at local supermarkets and Periptero kiosks. The most inexpensive specimens, valued at around 10 euros, are Ayios Onoufrios, Ayios Fotios, Eleonoras Mattaro / Cabernet. Among the white semi-dry, this fragrant Thisbe, Vasilikon and Aphrodite KEO from the Xynisteri grapes are popular.

Wines of higher value are also popular – 12-15 euros: Kyperounda, Vasilikon Methi, Zambartas Rose, Tsiakkas Chardonnay.

Well, champions among the mass-market wines (winners and prizewinners of the competitions) are representatives of the Kyperounda wineries (Petritis Xynisteri, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.) and Ayia Mavri (Muscat Moscatos 2010).

For gourmets and lovers of exquisite, original and refined will be interested in the wines of small, private wineries. For example, one of the best among the white dry wines is the production of the Petritis winery. Manufacturers from a small village of Cyperunda are laureates and prizewinners of local winemaking competitions. The white wine of Petritis Xynisteri, a sunny shade with a bright pineapple flavor, and obtained from Xynisteri grapes (Xinisteri), is considered an ideal complement to seafood, as well as a wonderful aperitif.

Dry red wine

Recognized masters for the production of red dry wines in Cyprus are in the monastery Chrysoroyatissa. Local wine Agios Ilias from three varieties of grapes is famous for the perfect addition to meat dishes, and white wine Ayios Andronikos also will not leave anyone indifferent!

Popular wineries are Ficardo, K & K Vasilikon (in the village of Katikas) and the incredible Lambouri, which, like Petritis, is the winner of many contests.

Separately it is necessary to say about the main “stars” among Cypriot drinks: “Zivaniya” and “Commandaria”. “Ziyvania” is a strong (more than 50 degrees) drink that will appeal to connoisseurs of a strong Georgian Chacha. But “Commandaria” is considered the oldest wine in the world! Saturated, deep brown color, with the aroma of jerky grapes, caramel and cinnamon. By taste, it is similar to port wine, although it is considered a dessert wine. This is the most “festive” wine in Cyprus! An analogue of the church Cahors and the first drink at weddings. Here you need to remember a beautiful local legend. If a girl is born in the family, her father digs into the ground a keg with this wine. And they get it only on the eve of the wedding of the birthday girl! Variety of grapes “Commandaria” is specific, and this wine does not quite fit the description of “standard” because of its high strength. However, it deserves attention!

Restrictions on the export of wine

For those who want not only to join the Cypriot wines, but also to treat their “domestic” ones, one should remember that Cyprus is part of the EU. This circumstance imposes a restriction on the export of alcoholic beverages. From Cyprus, duty-free export of up to 2 liters of fortified wines (up to 2 bottles), sparkling or table wine, as well as up to 1 liter of drinks (1 bottle) of strong fortified ones (Ziwvania) is allowed from Cyprus.

At the end of this modest review, I want to say that each person has his own tastes and preferences in life. And this has a direct relation to the choice of wine. In Cyprus there are a huge number of wineries – from large demanded giants, to little-known tiny private estates. And everyone deserves attention.

In this situation, it is difficult to be guided by the generally accepted standard: there is a risk of missing something that is truly worthwhile. So do not be afraid to try new varieties! Visit different wineries, be interested in their success story, taste and enjoy the process – try the wine in Cyprus for free! These pleasant gastronomic researches will surprise you and you find your “own” drink!

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