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Among all the Mediterranean resorts, Cyprus takes priority. Lovers of quiet pastime in harmony and solitude with nature, fans of noisy parties and loud parties,

Reviews of tourists


A Journey Back in Time

For the first time, when I came to Cyprus, I stayed in Kapparis with a child. At that time, Russian-speaking staff was nowhere to be found, either in stores or in pharmacies. And somehow I saw a tourist office. I went into it, and was pleasantly surprised to hear the Russian speech! We met a girl, her name is Elina. She helped me, told me where I could go with the baby, where it’s better. And so walking past the office, the child constantly asked him to ring the bell that lies on the table. Well, already it became boring for us just to go to the sea, took a couple of short excursions, because long I was afraid that the baby could not stand it. And in general, we liked everything very much and even my baby was interesting and he was not capricious! I recommend the company!

Elena, Moscow.


Special Offer: Private Boat Trip 4 Hours

I really liked the boat trip on a pleasure boat. I adore the sea .. And the Mediterranean Sea – it’s beautiful .. Who saw him, he will understand me .. The ship is small, and it’s great, because you can get together purely by your company. During the walk, the captain of the ship Andreas tells in English the history of Cyprus and the ghost town of Famagusta. It was the best resort in Cyprus, hotel rooms were booked one year in advance, but once the Turks decided to take the city, and within 24 hours the residents were allowed to take only 2 bags with them. The city is empty for 40 years .. The buildings are slowly being destroyed .. It is a pity that such a wonderful city is dying ..

When the captain finishes speaking, the whole story that he told us is translated into Russian by the captain’s assistant, Dionysius. This cheerful, clockwork guy is a local celebrity – he starred in the Cypriot series, and his role is one of the main. We swim to the Blue Lagoon, where the captain makes a stop for an hour, all vacationers bathe and enjoy the warm, clean, wonderful Mediterranean Sea, and he, at the same time, with his assistant, makes a Cypriot barbeque. In a cake wrapped fried meat and vegetables (as they say the glove), very tasty, I advise everyone to try. This was one of the most memorable excursions due to good organization and attentive approach to each holidaymaker. And since I sometimes travel with my daughter, I have something to compare with))
Guys, you are great fellows and perfectly do your work))